Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Water Marble 10/30/12

Halloween's almost here, so I knew I'd do a Halloween Marble.  I saw this marble done by Nicole at Nail Polish Wars and totally had to try it myself.  So.. here is my Candy Corn inspired marble..

Weekly Water Marble 10/30/12:

I used all Zoyas for this marble.  I started with a base of Snow White and marbled with Snow White, Arizona and Pippa.  I then topped it off with Out The Door Northern Lights.  I have to apologize for the boo-boo on my index finger.  I wasn't happy with my first attempt on that nail, so after my second attempt, I ripped the tape off my finger a bit too fast and tore some skin right off.. ouch!

**I hope you all have a Happy Halloween and I pray everyone is safe after Hurricane Sandy.  I'm in Ohio and the wind is terrible, so I can't even imagine how bad it is further east.**


  1. Oh that is so pretty!!! And thank you so much for mentioning me!! That was super sweet of you! I love the way this turned out!! :)

  2. Amazing water marble! Perfect colors!

  3. This looks amazing (and makes me want candy now, uh oh!)

  4. I absolutely love this!!! The glitter pushes it over the edge from awesome to amazing! I'm still too intimidated to try water marbling...maybe one of these days.


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