Thursday, November 29, 2012

Laquerlicious Nail Lacquer

Hey Everyone!  I'm back with some more beautiful indies!!  I'm quite active on instagram (you can follow me here) and I came across some swatches of Laquerlicious polishes and fell in love. (Yes, that's Laquerlicious with no "c").  Today I have three gorgeous polishes to share with you..

Strawberry Cosmo, Christmas Garland, and Christmas Snowfall

Laquerlicious Strawberry Cosmo:

Strawberry Cosmo has a gorgeous magenta jelly-like base packed full of holo glitters in pink, violet, and silver.  "Strawberry" is THE word to describe this color.  It's such a pretty pink with stunning holo glitters that shine brilliantly in the sunlight.  The formula is great..not too thick, not too thin. I used two coats of Strawberry Cosmo followed by topcoat in the above pictures...  If you're a fan of pink holos, this one's for you!!

Laquerlicious Christmas Garland:

Here is how Michelle from Laquerlicious describes Christmas Garland: "This polish is in a white cream/jelly base with any and every shade and type of red, magenta, pink, light pink, green, light green, and silver glitter. Matte, hologram, foil... Hex, square, bar... from tiny to large."  

I purchased this one because it contains pink glitter and just isn't your traditional "green and red."  I do like Christmas Garland, but I don't see much pink.  Formula wise, Christmas Garland is perfect!  Sometimes with crellys, the formula is sticky, but this one is great!  I have two coats of Christmas Garland followed by topcoat in the above pictures.

Laquerlicious Christmas Snowfall:

Christmas Snowfall is my favorite of these three!  It has a white crelly base with subtle beautiful blue shimmer.  It's packed full of various shades of blue glitters and a few white hex glitters.  There's a lot going on with this polish, but every glitter falls in place perfectly and Christmas Snowfall is a perfect interpretation of a snowy sky!  I love love love this one!!  Again, the formula and consistency are great, it almost applies itself!!  I have two coats of Christmas Snowfall followed by a coat of topcoat in the above pictures.

**There you have it.. another indie brand that's AMAZING!  I'm most impressed with the formula of these three.  I have no complaints at all.. and that's quite rare with dense glitters.  Usually I have to add thinner or "manipulate" some glitter, but not with any of these.  Each of these is a great quality polish!!  I highly recommend Laquerlicious Lacquer!!**

--Here are some useful links for Laquerlicious:

*Purchase Laquerlicious Lacquers here on Etsy.
*Follow on instagram @creativenailchick
*Follow on twitter @NailChickMich

--Christmas Snowfall and Strawberry Cosmo were sent for review

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peppermint Swirl Water Marble

Hey Everyone!  I was going to entitle this post "Weekly Water Marble", but I haven't been too diligent  on keeping up with them the past few weeks.. sorry.  I do have an excuse, though.  I burnt my thumb on the oven rack and had a nasty ugly blister, but it finally looks half-way normal again.  Anyway, if I do a marble next week, I'll be able to post "Weekly Water Marbles" again!!  Until then, I hope you enjoy this Peppermint Swirl Water Marble..

Ahh, I must admit, this marble drove me a bit bonkers!!  I just could not get the middle and index fingers "right."  I re-did them twice!!  Those freaking water bubbles appeared each time, then I obviously didn't wait long enough before I applied topcoat because it smeared my middle finger.. ugh.  My ring finger is my favorite.  I think I'll try to do a handful of holiday marbles before Christmas!  For this marble, I started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow, then marbled with Alpine Snow, OPI Green-wich Village and OPI Girls Just Want to Play.

**Enjoy your Wednesday and hopefully I'll see you next week with another holiday inspired marble**

--I almost forgot...  Today is my dog's birthday!!  His name is Dugan and he's 4 years old today!!
Happy 4th Birthday Dugan--Mamma loves you!! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

China Glaze Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!  Today I have some pretties to share with you from China Glaze's Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Collection...

Igniting Love:

Igniting Love is described as a "Hot Tamale Red Creme."  I didn't care for this one while I was applying it.  The formula was a little "greasy" for a creme, but after it dried, Igniting Love has a gorgeous glossy finish.  I wouldn't consider this a "true creme", but the formula was ok and the final results are beautiful.  Pictured above is two coats of Igniting Love.

Bend Over Backwards:

Bend Over Backwards is described as "Pepper Red Shimmer."  I really like the formula with Bend Over Backwards, it's almost a one-coater and the consistency of the polish is perfect.  It practically applies itself!  The subtle orange undertones really make this one beautiful!  I have two coats of Bend Over Backwards in the above pictures.

Creative Fantasy:

Creative Fantasy is described as "Grape Neon."  Ummm, no.  I don't agree with that description, but I do really like Creative Fantasy.  It applies like a jelly and dries almost matte, but I wouldn't quite call it "neon."  I really wish I could have captured the true color of Creative Fantasy.. it isn't as "blue" as the pictures... in real life, it has red tones and is a "true purple."  The formula is quite sheer; I have three coats of Creative Fantasy in the above two pictures.

Get Carried Away:

Get Carried Away is described as "multi sized black and red collage glitter with black creme."  Ummm.. another description that isn't accurate.  There's also silver glitter and I see no red glitter.. it's pink. (which is fine with me because I love black and pink together).  The base in NOT a creme.. it's sheer black.  This formula was hard to work with.. you really have to dab the polish on.  After two coats of Get Carried Away, a coat of gelous, and two coats of topcoat everything was smooth and shiny.  This polish is just a lot of work.  I guess if you have the patience, it's worth it.

Water You Waiting For:

Water You Waiting For is described as "Shimmering blue, green, and purple."  I like Water You Waiting For.  Application was easy and the formula was a piece of cake to work with.  You will have to use a few coats of topcoat because it does dry gritty.  I have two coats of Water You Waiting For followed by two coats of topcoat in the above two pictures.

Hanging in the Balance:
direct sunlight

Hanging in the Balance is described as "Cerulean blue creme".  Whoa.. I included three pictures of this one because it's so beautiful!!  It's a little darker a tad more teal in real life.  Hanging in the Balance is so stunning!  I will use this many times with nail art.  One word of caution: Hanging in the Balance is a STAINER!!  It didn't stain my nails too badly, but be careful not to get too much on your cuticles because it's sooo hard to remove!!  Pictured above is two coats of Hanging in the Balance.

**Overall, I really like the six polishes I've shared with you from the Cirque du Soleil Collection...especially Bend Over Backwards and Hanging in the Balance.  China Glaze really makes the most gorgeous cremes and all their formulas are usually excellent with each polish they create.**

To see swatches of the remaining six polishes of this collection.. check out Neverland Nail Blog's Post

 To coincide with the 3D release of “Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away,” in theatres December 21, 2012, this China Glaze®  film-inspired collection will be available the first week of December 2012 at salons and specialty beauty retailers nationwide, including Sally Beauty Supply and ULTA stores. Individual nail polish shades will retail for $7.

--These polishes were sent for review

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nails Inc. Piccadilly Circus

Happy New Week Everyone!  Today I have a really quick post.  It's Nails Inc. Piccadilly Circus and it's an absolutely gorgeous dark berry creme..

Nails Inc. Piccadilly Circus:

I added an accent nail with SOPI It's Bouquet With Me
I wore this mani weeks ago and totally forgot about it!  Both of these polishes were on my wishlist and I got them as a birthday gift last month.  I think I own two Nails Inc polishes now, but I want a ton of them!  Piccadilly Circus has such a fantastic formula and It's Bouquet With Me is such a pretty glitter topper!

Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Naild' It Santy Claws Soot and Marsh Mallow Fellow

Happy Saturday Everyone!!  Indie week continues with two beauties from Naild' It's Holiday Collection.. Santy Claws Soot and Marsh Mallow Fellow.

Santy Claws Soot:

Santy Claws Soot really does resemble Santa's Suit with it's red jelly base, tons of red glitter, a dash of holo glitter, gold glitter for Santa's buckle and white and black glitter for his suit's embellishments.  It's such a joyful holiday color and the formula was just right.  I only used two coats plus topcoat in the above pictures.  Ho Ho Ho..

Marsh Mallow Fellow:

Marsh Mallow Fellow contains a semi-sheer frosty light pink base with a faint hold shimmer and sparse micro purple glitter.  I have two coats followed by topcoat in the above pictures.  You can see slight brush strokes, but nothing too noticeable..  I think the brush strokes are noticeable with most sheer frosty polish.  Marsh Mallow Fellow is such a girly polish.. something a princess would wear :)  I'm a huge "pink" fan so I really enjoy this one.  It's a nice change if you want a break from the "glitter bombs."

**You can purchase these two from Naild' It at the following sites:
--ETSY and
Other polishes from Naild' It are available here:

**Also, be sure to like Naild' It on facebook HERE.

--Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!! :)

--These polishes were provided for review

Friday, November 23, 2012

More From Mentality

Happy Friday Everyone!!  It's "Black Friday" here in the US and I did NOT rush out at midnight in all the madness.  I prefer the online sales to the chaos, but I hope all of you who fought the crowds, found what you were looking for.  :)

Today I have five polishes from Mentality.  I did a post on The Metallics here back in October and now I have The Brilliant Collection  and The Holo Topcoat...  and.. Mentality is holding a sale for an entire week starting today... FREE SHIPPING ON ALL FULL SIZED POLISHES!!

Each polish from The Brilliant collection reached full opacity with two coats and the formula was flawless with each one..

Mentality Fervor:

Fervor is a light purple holo..  It's gorgeous and flawless and the holo glow is mesmerizing!

Mentality Euphoria:

Euphoria is stunning too! It's a golden yellow holo and the shine with Euphoria seems to glow brighter than all the others... it's gorgeous!!

Mentality Rapture:

Rapture has amazing red and copper sparkle.  Again, beautiful.

Mentality Elation:

Elation is a baby blue holo.  The holo shine wasn't as dominant with this, but it's still stunning!

**Mentality's Brilliant Collection is a holo-lovers dream!!  What more could you as for than perfect formula and gorgeous holo shine??!!  Each full sized bottle from this collection (15mL) is $8.. and don't forget the FREE shipping right now!!

I have one more polish to show you.  This one is the first polish from Mentality's Top Coat Collection aptly named "Holo."

Mentality Holo:

I chose to layer Holo over OPI Black Onyx, but you could layer this over any cream and create a holo shine in the color of your choice!  Holo has "been formulated to provide the best single-coat holographic results with minimal silvering of the base color."  I think it does just that!  Look how brightly it shines!!!  This one is on sale right now for only $6 and that's for a full sized bottle!!

Here are the links to Etsy, Big Cartel and Mentality's facebook page:

**Hurry now for the FREE shipping on all full sized bottles (the special will run for a week from today)**

--Mentality polishes were provided for review


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