Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Beauties from Girly Bits..

--These polishes were sent for review
Hey Everyone!!  I'm back to start off the week with three new polishes from Girly Bits!!  The first two polishes are from the new Spring It On Me! Collection and the last polish is from The Concert Series of polishes...

Bachelor's Button:

indirect sunlight

Bachelor's Button is a gorgeous, I mean GORGEOUS cornflower blue holo!!  I'm in love with the blue base color (it's beautiful on it's own) and the holo-ness is "just right."  Each photo was taken in direct sunlight (except the third one).  The formula with Bachelor's Button is flawless...I used two coats with top coat in the above pictures.  This is one of my new favorite polishes for spring!!  (I just wish we had more sun here in Ohio!)

Emerald City:

Emerald City used in a "jelly sandwich" with OPI Which is Witch?
Emerald City is another beauty.  I've been waiting for a new "jelly" this spring and I've found an amazing one with Emerald City.  In the first three pictures, I used three coats of Emerald City alone.  The formula is perfect for a jelly, just the right consistency.  In the last picture, I applied two coats of Emerald City, one coat of OPI Which is Witch?, then another thin coat of Emerald City... a gorgeous jelly sandwich!! :)

Face the Music:

Face the Music is a sheer jelly-like neon green polish with black stars and hexes.  I love the depth of Face the Music.. you can see the stars and hexes "floating" through the layers. I used two generous coats.  This polish glows under blacklight, so it would be perfect to wear to a concert or night club.  I wore it in the tanning bed and it about blinded me lol.  Face the Music is part of "The Concert Series" of polishes Pam, the creator of Girly Bits, is making for each concert she attends this year.  This one is a tribute to Marianas Trench, Pam's favourite Canadian Band.

**I was so excited to have the opportunity to review these polishes from Girly Bits!!  Girly Bits was one of the first indie brands I owned.. I think my first three were Lynderella, Pretty & Polished, then Girly Bits.  You know you're getting quality polish when you purchase Girly Bits.  Pam knows her stuff and her creations are amazing!

--Here are some useful links for Girly Bits Polishes:
Purchase Girly Bits HERE!!
twitter @PamsGirlyBits
--These polishes were sent for review

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zoya Irresistible Summer 2013

-This collection was sent for review
Happy Weekend Everyone!!  Today I have Zoya's Irresistible Collection of six metallic foils to share with you.  Zoya has released some amazing collections for summer this year, including the irresistible collection, the stunning collection, and the summer pixiedust collection. .. On to the swatches of the Irresistibles..


direct sunlight
Zoya describes Kerry as: "a full coverage yellow gold foil metallic."  Kerry is my least favorite of this collection.  She was incredibly hard for me to photograph and this color does nothing against my skintone.  The formula was excellent, though.  I used two coats.


Zoya describes Rikki as: "a full coverage fern green foil metallic."  I really like Rikki.  I like the depth and gold flecks that were added.. the gold and green are a gorgeous combo.  I used two coats of Rikki.


direct sunlight
Zoya describes Tinsley as: "a full coverage rose gold foil metallic."  Tinsley is a favorite of mine, which comes as no surprise because I'm a pink-lover.  Tinsley appears much darker in sunlight and she has a beautiful golden shimmer!  Two coats once again with Tinsley!


Zoya describes Amy as: "a full coverage, red orange foil metallic."  Ahh Amy.. You're gorgeous!  I'm really loving corals this summer and Amy doesn't disappoint!   I love the golden yellow shimmer.. it gives Amy such depth.  Perfect formula with Amy too!!  Two coats!


direct sunlight
Zoya describes Hazel as: "a full coverage blue green foil metallic."  Hazel and Rikki are very similar in formula.  They both have the same type of gold flecks.  I don't see much green in Hazel--she appears more blue.  Regardless, Hazel is pretty and I used two coats once again.


Zoya describes Bobbi as: "a full coverage, hot magenta pink foil metallic."  Bobbi is amazing!  I can't decide which one I love the most-- Bobbi or Amy??!!  I love a hot pink and add the foil shimmer and I'm in awe of this color!!  It's bright and cheery-- perfect for summer!!  Another two coater with Bobbi!!

**There you have Zoya's Irresistible Foil Metallics for summer!  They all have amazing formula.. Removal is a bit tedious as the left-over glitter flecks don't want to leave your skin around the nail.  You will have to use some extra remover for these.  Kerry is the only one I don't really care for, but that's just personal preference.  My picks from this collection are Bobbi and Amy--I just love how bright and bold they both are!!  Another great collection from Zoya!!  Yay!!

-You can purchase this entire collection here for $48 or $8 per bottle.
-Be sure to like Zoya on facebook.. the Zoya Fairies are wonderfully interactive with their fans!
Here is a link to Zoya's Instagram too!
-This collection was sent for review.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mentality- The Brilliant Holos Part 1

--Polishes in this post were sent for review
Happy Wednesday!!  I have some more gorgeous polishes from Mentality to show you guys today.  We had a sunny day a few days back, so I took advantage of it and swatched these four beauties...


Euphoria is a gorgeous golden sandy brown holo with an awesome formula.  I used two coats of Euphoria followed by top coat in the above pictures.  It really does remind me of a sandy beach reflecting the bright sunshine!


Felicity is a pretty pinkish-purple linear holo with gold tones.  This one has the same great formula as Euphoria and I used two coats once again followed by top coat


Mirth is my personal favorite of these four.  It's a has a gray/purple/bluish base with a gorgeous holo shine!!  I love this one against my skin and the "rainbow" glow is amazing with Mirth!!


Bliss is amazing too!  I could have used a third coat as the formula is a tad thinner than the other three in this post, but the holo-ness is still outstanding!!  I love blue holos!!

**I'll be back soon with five more polishes from Mentality's Brilliant Holo Collection.  Each of these polishes is amazing.. Amazing formula and amazing shine!!  Yay!!

--You can purchase this collection here on bigcartel.
--Be sure to follow Mentality on Facebook here.
--Also, follow Mentality on Instagram @mentalitynailpolish
--Polishes in this post were sent for review

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Essie Resort 2013 Collection

Hey Everyone!!  I hope you all had a nice weekend!  I did.  I spent some time with wonderful friends in beautiful Columbus, Ohio!  :)

I really like Essie Polish.  I don't do many posts of them, but when I do, I'm usually pretty impressed with.  I have discovered something recently-- Essie polishes seem to last the longest on my nails.  They just don't chip as much or as easily as any other brand.  So, I definitely won't hesitate to grab any color that catches my eye from Essie.  Today I have Essie's Resort 2013 Collection to share with you..

Come Here!:

Come Here! is another summer coral (we seem to be seeing a lot of them).  This one has strong red tones and is really bright.  I love this color!  The pictures above were taken after I wore Come Here! for two days.  It has a great formula and full opacity was reached with two coats.  This one is my favorite from this collection!!

Under Where?:

Under Where? is a soft lilac cream that leans strongly toward pink.  The formula wasn't the greatest with this one.  It's not really a true cream.  I was a bit watery.  I used three coats in the above photo.  The finished look is nice, I just really like a more "creamy" formula.

In The Cab-ana:

In The Cab-ana is another one of those light blue creams we've been seeing a lot of lately (ie: OPI Where's My Czechbook?, Zoya Rocky, Essie Where's My Chauffeur?)  I did a comparison post that I'll post below.  In The Cab-ana leans a little toward turquoise.  It's very pretty, but very familiar.  Pictured above is two coats..
This pic isn't the greatest. It's from my iPhone, but here's a comparison pic :)
First Timer:

First Timer is a mint green cream.  This formula and I didn't get along too well.  My bottle seemed to have "chunks" of something in it.. dried polish, maybe?  You can see some of the "chunks" on my nails.  It's weird.  I've see other reviews that rave about First Timer's formula, so maybe I just got a bad bottle.  I'm not a huge fan of this color.  Two generous coats are pictured above.

**There you have the Essie 2013 Resort Collection.  Do you have any from this collex?  Which is your fave??  By far, mine is Come Here!

Have a wonderful week!!  :)


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