Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Enkelini Jeepers Creepers and Striping Tape from Born Pretty

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!  We have a week until Halloween, so I should start posting more Halloween Manis!!  Today I have a really gorgeous indie polish called Jeepers Creepers from Enkelini... then I decided to add some striping tape from Born Pretty for a cool effect.  First up is Jeepers Creepers alone..

Enkelini Jeepers Creepers:

Jeepers Creepers has such a gorgeous vibrant orange base!!  The formula is excellent.. it's semi-sheer and packed with black, silver, orange and white glitters.  There is a gorgeous gold shimmer added to the base also.  I have two coats of Jeepers Creepers followed by topcoat in the above pics.  I own a few Enkelini polishes and they are all exceptional!!  If you'd like to purchase Jeepers Creepers or any other Enkelini polish.. check out their Etsy shop!

For some cool stripes, just add some striping tape after your base polish is completely dry.  You can arrange it whichever direction you'd like.  Make sure each piece of tape is attached securely to you nail, then top with black (or whatever color you want).  While the polish is still wet, carefully peel away each piece of tape..

This one didn't turn out too bad and I really like the pattern!!

You can purchase a set of 12 different colored striping tapes on Born Pretty.  They carry tons of great nail art supplies and you can save 10% if you use my code ZR5X31!!  I'll show you different ways of using striping tape in upcoming posts too!!

--Striping tape was sent for review


  1. Amazing nailart!! Really, perfect for halloween haha it's so nice!! I like it!!


  2. You know, I'm really liking the look of that purple tape itself over the top!! :)

  3. Holy cow, great tape work Jodi!


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