Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekly Water Marble 10/16/12

Ahhh... I'm late (almost an entire week) for my Weekly Marble!  I've been swatching so many polishes, I hadn't had enough time to marble!!  This is just another random marble.  I just grabbed four polishes I thought would look nice together.. I was kinda searching for "Halloween Colors."  Here's what I came up with..

Weekly Water Marble:

The dreaded "water bubbles" are back and I think they come from the temperature of the water and my hands being too cool.  Over the summer, most of my marbles didn't bubble.. now that we have cooler weather, I'm noticing the bubbles.  Next week I'll place the water in the microwave for a few seconds and sit on my hands til they're warm lol.  Anyway, I started with a nude base. (Usually I'll start with a white base, but I've found when you use a nude base, the imperfections don't stick out as much).  Again, I used all OPIs for the marble-- Fly, Funky Dunkey, Black Onyx, and Need Sunglasses?.  I've decided OPI Fly is my favorite color to marble with..I love it!  Next week I'll step out of my comfort zone and marble with an other brand than OPI ;)

Enjoy your Tuesday!! 


  1. You are the QUEEN of marbling!!

  2. I absolutely love this!!! LOve everything about it!! This is awesomeness!! <3

  3. Wow. Jodi you are the QUEEN! Emily said it, simply fabulous marble! The colour combination is wicked here!

  4. Wow, beautifully done!!!! I love the color combo too!!!

  5. Thanks for the compliments everyone.... I think the queen is Colette at My Simple Little Pleasures!!

  6. Oh wow I love it! The colors are great together and your water marbling is just perfect!

  7. Such a retro look, love the colors!


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