Monday, October 15, 2012

DIFFERENT Dimension Part 3

Happy Monday Everyone!  Today I have the last four polishes I received from Missi at DIFFERENT Dimension for swatching and review.  I received twelve polishes total.. and I really loved each one!!  The remaining four I'm showing you today are named after characters from Pretty Little Liars.. (sorry, I don't watch the show, but these polishes are pretty..)


Hanna contains a sheer lilac base packed with small magenta, white and periwinkle glitter.  Hanna almost looks patriotic.. the base almost looks blue and the glitters could pass for red, white, and blue.  I really like the color combo with Hanna.  Pictured above is two coats followed by topcoat.


Emily has the exact same formula as Hanna except with a baby blue sheer base and white, blue, and light green glitter.  I have two coats of Emily followed by topcoat in the above pictures.  Visible nail line is a bit more apparent with Emily.  Maybe next time I'll layer it over a light blue base.

direct sunlight

Artificial light
Spencer is sooo incredibly gorgeous!!!  The red base is more jelly-like than Hanna and Emily and... the black, silver and HOLO glitters are completely amazing!!  If you love reds and holos, Spencer is definitely for you!!  Luckily the sun popped out for a few minutes and I was able to capture Spencer in direct sunlight.. it's so stunning.  Again, I have two coats, then topcoat.

direct sunlight

artificial light
Aria is a really pretty purple shifting top coat (I guess you could wear it alone).  I have two coats of Aria over black followed by topcoat in the above pics.  Aria is beautiful in direct sun.  You can see tiny blue and pink specks.  This one would look awesome over so many bases.. the possibilities are endless! 

**Ok, so I've swatched twelve polishes from DIFFERENT Dimension and had ZERO problems what-so-ever!!  I highly recommend any polish from DIFFERENT Dimension!!  You can still take advantage of my 20% OFF code CAPTIVATINGCLAWS20 until Oct 17th  here at DIFFERENT Dimension on Etsy.  Also, don't forget to like DIFFERENT Dimension here on facebook.**

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  1. I love the Pretty Little Liar collection!!! I think Hanna might be my favorite! I posted a review over on my blog as well.


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