Friday, October 26, 2012

3 from Charm Your Nails

Hey All!!  It's Friday!!  Yee Haw!!  Do you all have big plans or Halloween Parties to attend??  I think I'll just be laying low with the husband this weekend... hopefully I'll have time to try more Halloween Nail Art!  Today I'm sharing three polishes from a new-to-me indie maker on Etsy called Charm Your Nails..

Mal-eficent's Magic:

Mal-eficent's Magic has a really pretty mix of green, purple, and black glitters in a clear base  There is a hint of green shimmer (you can see it in the first pic in direct sunlight).  I have one coat of Mal-eficent's Magic over Gosh Flamingo followed by topcoat.  Application was no problem and the glitter ratio is perfect!

Zombie Princess:

Zombie Princess has a mossy green sheer jelly base containing metallic green hex, pink squares and a few pink bars.  At first, I wasn't sure if Zombie Princess was "buildable", but after three coats, the jelly base appears semi-opaque.  I'm not a huge fan of the base color, but it is named "Zombie Princess" and the base is a "zombie green." lol.  Above is three coats of Zombie Princess followed by topcoat.  The green hex glitters ARE NOT curling.. that's just a reflection.

Instant Gratification:

Instant Gratification is my favorite of these three!  It has such a gorgeous mix of white large hex and bar, purple squares, black squares and hex in a clear base with a pretty pink shimmer!  I have one coat of Instant Gratification layered over China Glaze Sweet Hook (which seems to be my go-to-base lately).  The pink shimmer is really beautiful if you catch it in the right light!

**I'm really impressed with my first three polishes from Charm Your Nails!!  Each one has excellent formula and creative glitter combos!  If you'd like to purchase some polishes from Charm Your Nails, check out Lindsay's Etsy page HERE.  It looks like she's on vacation mode throughout the weekend.  You can also like Charm Your Nails here on facebook.**

Have a wonderful weekend!!

--Charm Your Nails polishes were sent for review

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