Thursday, February 28, 2013

Me.Lissa Nail Lacquer

Yay, an indie post!!  I've missed my indies lately!!  I have a new-to-me brand to show you today... It's called Me.Lissa Nail Lacquer.  Here are three of Melissa's polishes..

Spring Fling:

This is two coats of Spring Fling over a white base followed by top coat.  Spring Fling is a mix of holo, pink and green hex glitter and small silver glitter in a clear base.  It has great formula with wonderful consistency...  PERFECT colors for spring!!  And, I love the touch of holo glitter that shines so  brightly when you catch it in the right lighting!!

Dew Drop By:

Dew Drop By has a blue shimmery base with blue, hot pink and lighter colors of glitter.  The hot pink glitter looks red to me and this polish is almost patriotic, although I don't think it was meant to look that way.  Glitter added to a dark base really don't seem to "come through" as  their true colors, in my opinion.  This would be a great Memorial Day polish!!  I did add a few drops of thinner to Dew Drop By also.  It's a very pretty polish. Dark Shimmers with added glitter are just sometimes hard to capture in pictures.

April Showers:

April Showers has a light pinkish purple shimmery base with blue, purple, and hot pink glitters.  I like the lighter base with April Showers.. you can see the the glitters much more clearly and I really like the color combos of pink, blue and purple.  I used two generous coats of April Showers followed by top coat in the above pictures.  Formula-wise, this one was perfect!!

**Check out all the polishes Me.lissa Nail Lacquer has to offer here on Etsy!
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--These polishes were sent for review

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 from LVX for spring!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!  Here is a quick post of two of the new colors from the Spring Collection from LVX!!  The entire spring collection will be available March 1st!!  Today I have Cerulean and Fathom to share with you..


Cerulean is a beautiful royal blue cream with an amazing formula!  No clean-up was required in the above photos--  the polish practically spread itself!  Cerulean has perfect consistency and full opacity was reached with two coats.  I love the shiny finish also!!  Cerulean is flawless!! (Also, it did NOT stain like a lot of blues tend to do!!)


I was so excited to receive Fantom (love the name!!) to review.  I adore a nice white creme, and Fantom is awesome!!  After two coats, Fantom was opaque.  With a lot of white creams, three or more coats are required for full coverage, but not with this one!!  I think I have a new favorite white cream in Fantom!!  Yay!!

The long lasting, chip resistant and non-streak formula is free of harsh and toxic chemicals. LVX products are VEGAN and formulated without the use of  Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, and Camphor.  LVX is a no compromise nail lacquer that has superior formulation, is socially responsible and eco friendly.  LVX nail lacquer is cruelty free.  All products are produced in the USA.  

The new collection will be available March 1st 2013 on

--These polishes were sent for review.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Collection- Swatch + Review

Yay! I've been waiting for these beauties for what seems like forever!!  It's Zoya's PixieDust Collection!! 

Featuring the latest "must-have" nail polish finish- textured, matte, and sparkling.
This newly developed formula is sure to captivate with magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other.  The color experts at Zoya have created six, long-wearing stunners for the introduction of this look."


Zoya describes NYX as : "A perfect periwinkle with a sugared sparkle."  I really like this color.  It's my favorite of the four lighter colors of this collection.  Pictured above is three coats of NYX with no top coat.  This is the only one that required 3 coats.  All the others only needed 2.


Zoya describes Chyna as: "a red dazzle with a sugared sparkle."  I LOVE this color!!  Chyna is soooo gorgeous!!!  It has so much depth!  It's stunning and it's my favorite of the PixieDust Collection.  Pictured above is two coats with no top coat.


Zoya describes Godiva as: "a soft nude with a sugared sparkle."  Godiva is the exact same color as my skin, so it doesn't look that great on me.  In my opinion, Godiva would look much better against darker skin.  The formula was great.  I used two coats with not top coat.


Zoya describes Dahlia as: "A black beauty with a sugared sparkle."  Dahlia is my second favorite of the collection.  I seem to like darker colors much more when it comes to textured polishes.  The "texture" is much more apparent.  Dahlia would be perfect if there was just a little holo sparkle floating around.  :)  I used two coats of Dahlia with no top coat.


Zoya describes London as: "a fog gray with a sugared sparkle."  I like gray polishes, but I usually like them a little darker that London. (This one kinda reminds me of cement).  The lighter colors in the PixieDust Collection don't shine a brightly as the two darker ones.  Pictured above is two coats of London without top coat.


Zoya describes Vespa as: "a mint kiss with a sugared sparkle."  Vespa's pretty.. again, I just wish it was darker.  This IS a spring collection, so it only makes sense to have these lighter colors.  Formula-wise it's great.  I used two coats once again.

**Overall, I really like The PixieDust Collection.  Textured, matted polished seems to be all the rage right now... but, will it last???  Hmmm?  My personal favorites are Chyna and Dahlia.  I am really impressed with the formula of all of the above polishes.  Zoya recommends not using base or top coat and allowing each coat to completely dry before adding another.  I'm dying to try top coat on Dahlia and Chyna, though.  I just want to see them super-sparkly!!  You're gonna need a little patience when it comes to removing these textured polishes.  I almost had to use the foil method.  Just saturate your cotton ball with remover and allow it to sit on your nail a few minutes before removal.

Ultra long-wearing, nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful industrial chemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

Zoya PixieDust $9 (US)

Follow the Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments Blog and stay tuned on Twitter (@Zoyanailpolish) and Facebook 

--This collection was sent for review.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

OPI Euro Centrale Water Marble

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  I knew I'd create a water marble with some of the OPI Euro Centrale colors as soon as I got my hands on them.  I tried to choose the colors that would mesh well in a marble and here's what I came up with..

OPI Euro Centrale Water Marble:

For this water marble, I started with a base of My Vampire is Buff and created the actual marble with MVIB, Can't Find My Czechbook, I Saw.. You Saw.. We Saw.. Warsaw, and Suzi's Hungary Again.  When I create my marbles, I start with my pinkie nail and work my way to my thumb.  By the time I got to my index finger, MVIB and Czechbook kinda bled together..  ugh!  But, overall, I'm happy with the end result!!  I'm using My Vampire is Buff in so many manis lately..  You really have to pick that color up if you haven't already!!

Euro Centrale Collection nail lacquer shades contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and each includes OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application.
Euro Centrale by OPI will be available February 6, 2013, at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for $9.00 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each Nail Lacquer.  
For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!

--OPI polishes were provided for review

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lacquer Lust Carebear Stare

Hey Everyone!  I'm back with another untried indie polish I've been dying to wear since I got my hands on it...  It's called Carebear Stare by Lacquer Lust..

Carebear Stare:

This polish is so cute!  I just want to paint my newborn niece's toes with it!  LOL!  Carebear Stare has a milky translucent base with pastel pink, purple, yellow and green hex glitters and blue square matte glitter.  I applied a base of OPI Alpine Snow, then added one generous coat of Carebear Stare followed by top coat.  The formula was great, no problems at all.  I'm sure you could wear Carebear Stare without the white base, it will just take a few more coats to reach desired opacity.

**Lacquer Lust polishes can be purchased here on bigcartel.
**Be sure to like Lacquer Lust here on facebook and follow them on instagram @lacquer_lust

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LVX Press Release-- Spring 2013 Collection

LVX nail lacquer announces the release of their fourth debut collection.

Chicago (February 2013):  With immense anticipation of an “emerald” release in nail lacquer, LVX debuts the stunning gemstone for Spring 2013. Emerald, named Color of the Year for 2013 by Pantone, is this season’s it color. LVX’s adaptation of this amazing color is vivacious and will intensify any outfit. The luxury vegan brand continues to stun us with their distinct and bold seasonal palettes.

The top shades that will define the Spring 2013 season will include:

Viridian                 Striking emerald green  
Indigo Bleu          Ultimate navy blue
Citrine                   Golden citrus
Fantom                 Timeless white
Cerulean               Audacious blue
Azalea                   Soft and daring lilac

Effective Spring 2013, LVX will debut a new and updated bottle. The new sleek design will display the colors more vividly. The overall size and shape has not changed, however due to the thicker glass, the new fill capacity will be 15ml.

The long lasting, chip resistant and non-streak formula is free of harsh and toxic chemicals. LVX products are VEGAN and formulated without the use of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, and Camphor. LVX is a no compromise nail lacquer that has superior formulation, is socially responsible and eco friendly. LVX nail lacquer is cruelty free. All products are produced in the U.S.A. The new collection will be available March 1st 2013 on

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pretty & Polished Sand Art

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!  It's so dreary today in Northeast Ohio!!  Ugh, I hate it!!  Last Saturday, I swatched a handful of untried indies and plan to share them with you throughout this week.  My posts will be short and sweet.  I'm giving my nails a break from swatching this week while I'm trying Rejuvacote to nurse them back to health.  I had a few bad breaks two weeks ago, so I'm taking extra care of my nails now...  Here is one of my untrieds that had been on my wishlist for a while...  Pretty & Polished Sand Art..

Pretty & Polished Sand Art:

I chose to layer one coat of Sand Art over OPI's My Vampire is Buff.  I thought it would look nice over a "sandy" color.  I love this combo.  My Vampire is Buff really makes all the colors in Sand Art stand out more vividly.  I love the mix of blue, pink, yellow and purple.  I topped this mani off with one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward and was good to go!!  Love it!!

**Pretty & Polished products can be purchased HERE.

Here is an added pic of my baby, Dugan!!  :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flower Beauty Nail Polishes by Drew Barrymore

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  I hope everyone's having a good one!!  I have a handful of polishes from a line by Drew Barrymore (love her!) called "Flower" or maybe "Flower Beauty".. I'm not exactly sure.  I saw a few other bloggers/polishaholics talking about this brand and immediately knew I had to try them..  I love Drew Barrymore and I love flowers!!  Here they are..

Gorgeous Gerbera:

Gorgeous Gerbera is a peachy-pink nude cream.  It's not a color I'm usually drawn to, but the formula was ok (kinda thick) and it dried nicely after two coats.

First Bloom:

First Bloom is a gorgeous deep deep raspberry red.  This color is so pretty.  It looks just a touch pinker in real life.  The formula was nice.. a bit thin, but really easy to work with.  I used two coats in the above photos and you can still see some VNL, but I kinda like it like that.  I love the shiny finish with First Bloom!

April Showers:

April Showers is a deep dark midnight navy blue.  This one had the same formula as First Bloom.. a little thin at first, but full opacity is reached with two coats.  I'm drawn to darker blues or grays, so I really like April Showers.

Eye of the Tiger Lily:

Eye of the Tiger Lily is a true jelly and I just love the tangerine color!!  I used three coats for the above pictures with VNL again, but it's a jelly, so that's to be expected.  I can't wait to use this one in a jelly sandwich with some gorgeous glitter!!  LOVE Eye of the Tiger Lily!!!

Good Bud-dy:

Good Bud-dy is totally stunning!!  It reminds me of OPI Can't find my Czechbook or Essie's Where's My Chauffeur?  Good Bud-dy has great formula and a beautiful shiny finish.  I used two coats in the above two pictures.

**I really like these polishes!!  I wanted to water marble with them, but the only one thick enough to make it work is Gorgeous Gerbera.  I do wish the formula on the others (except Eye of the Tiger Lily) was a bit thicker, but it's totally manageable.. not too runny, just thin.  From what I've read, these polishes are exclusive to Walmart and sell for $5 each.  Drew Barrymore has an entire line of make-up at Walmart now, so keep your eyes out and pick up a few of her products next time you're there.**

**Here is a website I found with info about Flower Beauty.
**Here is Flower Beauty's facebook page.


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