Friday, October 19, 2012

Comparison Post..China Glaze No Plain Jane vs SpaRitual Bismuth

Happy Friday!!  I've had a few requests for comparison posts.  I haven't done many as I find it a little hard for me to spot dupes in the bottle.  Recently I purchased both China Glaze No Plain Jane and SpaRitual Bismuth.  They look pretty similar in the bottle, so I jumped at the opportunity to post a comparison..  First, I'll show each polish on it's own..

China Glaze No Plain Jane:

No Plain Jane (from The Bohemian Collection) is a very pretty duochrome that shifts from pink to purple.  The formula is a bit sheer.  I used two coats, but probably should have applied another.  I really like duochromes in the sunlight, but a lot of them are just kinda "meh" for me most of the time.

SpaRitual Bismuth:

Bismuth (from the new Metal Collection) seems to shift more from brown to pinkish with hints of green.  Bismuth is more of a multi-chrome.  It's really pretty, but the formula is very sheer.  Four coats are needed for full opacity.

Comparison Shot:
Bismuth on index and ring fingers, No Plain Jane on middle and pinkie fingers
No dupes here.  As you can see, Bismuth is much more warmer toned with stronger pink/brown shifts (ooh, I should totally compare this one to Models Own Pinky Brown!!)  No Plain Jane leans strongly toward purple.  I like both of these polishes despite their sheer formulas.  Which one do you prefer?  Do you like duo-chromes??

Enjoy your weekend!!  :)


  1. I had to do a quick google search to see why Bismuth isn't a bright pink creme, lolol. Hey, science never was my strong suit. They're both pretty, but I do prefer No Plain Jane. It kinda knocked my socks off. :)

  2. I love No Plain Jane. Its such a shimmery purple. Looks like I need to add another to my collection. :)


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