Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lex Cosmetics.. Tuilleries

A pretty pink glitter for Pink Wednesday!!  Tuilleries is a new polish by Lex Cosmetics.  I purchased my first few polishes by Lex Cosmetics back in October when I first started blogging.  Here is my post on Sassy Pants.. geeze, my pics were not too great back then.. lol.  Anyway, when I saw this pink glitter was available, I ordered it right away..

Tuilleries by Lex Cosmetics:

Each polish by Lex Cosmetics is inspired by someone who has submitted an entry with a "color story".  You can read the inspiration for Tuilleries HERE.  Tuilleries has a light pink milly base with micro red and white glitter, and red, white, pink, orange and purple hex glitter.  This is such a pretty delicate polish.  Pictured above is three coats of Tuilleries.  I should have applied a light pink base because this polish actually peeled off my nails after a day.  I've never had a polish do that before.. it was kinda strange.  Nonetheless, I like Tuilleries and I'm sure I'll wear it again :)

**You can purchase Lex Cosmetics Polishes HERE for $10 each.  $1 from each bottle purchased goes towards a different charity.**

Enjoy the day!!


  1. This is such a pretty pink glitter! I am in love with it!

  2. Beautiful nail polish!!I like the combo of this pink shade and the glitter :)

  3. Heehee, this reminds me of a pair of pyjamas I've had a long time ago:) But it's a very pretty glitter, love!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous and I must get it!!!

  5. This is so adorable! I really love the color combination, it's not seen that often.

  6. this is ridiculously girlie yet heart-stoppingly beautiful. Love :)

  7. Never heard of Lex before, I love this color though!

  8. This is gorgeus mani !! so pretty :))

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    i wait you my blog and i wish follow me back,,kisses from Turkey :) Byee

  9. This color is so pretty! :)

  10. This is so soft and pretty! It looks really good on you.

  11. ahwwww... this one is SO pretty!!! ♥


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