Friday, April 6, 2012

Candeo Colors Jellybean and Dolce

Hi Everyone!!  Here's another post with spring-y Easter colors.  These colors are from another Etsy Shop called  Candeo Colors.  So many new Indie shops keep popping up on Etsy and I love it!!

Candeo Colors Jellybean:

Jellybean is perfect for Easter... all those pastels mixed together look like a perfect design for a giant Easter egg!!  "Jellybean has a creamy yellow base with lime, pink and chartreuse shimmer.  Pink, purple and turquoise hex glitter is in the mix."  I love Jellybean.  Pictured above it two easy coats.  I love glitters that don't require underwear.  Jellybean has an awesome formula!

Candeo Colors Dolce:

Dolce is another beautiful glitter perfect for spring and Easter!!  "Dolce has a cotton candy pink base with dark pink shimmer and multiple sizes of white, holo purple, and silver hex glitter."  Of course, I love this one.. it's pink!!  It reminds me of Lex Cosmetics Tuilleries I just posted the other day.  Pictured above is three coats of Dolce (no underwear needed for this one, either)

**Keep checking CandeoColors' Etsy Shop.  They should re-open soon**
**You can also like Candeo Colors on facebook HERE!**

I'll be back tomorrow with one last Easter post!!



  1. These are both pretty for Easter

  2. jelly bean is easter perfect! adorable

  3. I've been wanting Jellybean for a while...just waiting for her shop to open up again!!

  4. I love both of these! This ship is definitely going on my list of stores to keep an eye out for. These are perfect spring colors!

  5. Drooling over Jelly Bean, I am loving that combo of colors!

  6. Wow, I have no idea why that commented three times. Sorry!!

  7. I love these! Now I have a new site to stalk! thank you!

  8. Alrighty...I'm adding both of these to my wish list. So pretty!


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