Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dove Chocolate and Nicole by OPI Sweepstakes

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Hey Guys!!  Today's post is pretty cool, I think!!  You all have the opportunity to win nail polish AND chocolate---what's not to like about that???!  

 DOVE® Dark Chocolate and NICOLE by OPI® celebrate the New Year with the launch of the “Discover Your Dark Side in the New Year Sweepstakes.”  The Facebook-based promotion will randomly award 25,000 entrants with two exclusive NICOLE by OPI®nail lacquer shades inspired by DOVE® Dark Chocolate: “Better After Dark” and “Promises in the Dark.”

Better After Dark:

Better After Dark is a rich chocolate brown shimmer.  This color perfectly represents milk chocolate... it's so beautiful!!  I love brown polishes, so Better After Dark is an easy favorite of mine now.  I used three thin coats in the above pics.

Promises in the Dark:

Promises in the Dark is another stunner!!!!  I really am in love with both of these polishes and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to review them!!!  Promises in the Dark is a gorgeous dark chocolate creme with an amazing formula!!  Again, I used three thin coats!  L.O.V.E!!!!

Each piece of Dove Chocolate has an inspirational quote inside the wrapper!! :)

         Enter the “Discover Your Dark Side in the New Year Sweepstakes”

From now through February 5, 2014, DOVE® Chocolate Facebook fans can enter once per day for a chance to win one (1) of the 25,000 NICOLE by OPI® kits, which include:

  A coupon for a free DOVE® Dark Chocolate Bar (1.34 oz. - 1.44 oz.)
  Better After Dark NICOLE by OPI® Nail Lacquer Bottle
  Promises in the Dark NICOLE by OPI® Nail Lacquer Bottle

 To enter, simply “like” the DOVE® Chocolate Facebook page and click on the Sweepstakes tab ( to enter your name, email address, shipping address and date of birth.  The Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States who are age 13 or older on or before December 27, 2013. All winners will be selected at random by an independent agency in the week following the sweepstakes. 

-Polishes (and chocolate) in this post were sent for review


  1. I like 'em both! Better After Dark reminds me of OPI I Knead Sour-Dough while Promises in the Dark reminds me of dark smooth chocolate coating on my fingers! :)

  2. I absolutely love the shimmer in the first polish!!

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