Friday, April 20, 2012

Candy Mani/Glitter Sandwich

Friday's here and I have a fun mani to share with you today.  Whether you call them a "Glitter Sandwich" or a "Candy Mani", either way.. they're fun!!  The concept is basically covering a glitter with a jelly-based polish so you can still see the glitter glistening through the jelly..

Candy Mani/Glitter Sandwich:
middle finger doesn't have the jelly finish here

For this mani I used Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect "Air" as the base, Candeo Colors "Dive Bomb" as the glitter middle, and Essie "Marshmallow" as the jelly topcoat.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. I love the colors with this one! I need to try with different glitters, this looks fabulous on you!

  2. I love this! It's wild how different the glitter looks once Marshmallow is applied!

  3. As usual your manicure is beautiful! I love the "milky" finish of your polish. And this blue is amazing!

  4. What a cool take on the glitter sandwich mani

  5. Love it! I really need to get Essie Marshmallow; I see it used in so many great jelly sandwiches.

  6. I haven't heard them called Candy Mani, but I like it! :)
    I can't wait to get that Candeo. This is a great combo. Here's one I did recently.

  7. I will have to try it! it's gorgeous!


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