Monday, October 10, 2011

I heart pink.. Lex Cosmetics "Sassy Pants"

Hi again, Everyone.  I'm trying to do at least one post a week.  I know a lot of you post one a day, but I can't keep, I love this mani so much, I'm hoping it lasts for an entire week!!

About a month ago I purchased a groupon deal for Lex Cosmetics.  I believe it was $15 for $30.  These polishes retail for $10 each, so of course I bought 3 polishes and ended up paying for shipping, too.  BUT, it was so worth it!  I absolutely love these polishes.  I just removed "Haggard Life" from my toes which is a deep chocolate brown jelly that is absolutely beautiful.

Today I applied "Sassy Pants."  October is breast cancer awareness month, so this polish was perfect for a nice bright pink manicure.  Lex Cosmetics are "3 Free" and proceeds from every sale go toward a charity.  On you can submit a story and a color idea and you may be lucky enough to be chosen to have a polish named after you.  I like these polishes and how this company empowers women.. great idea.  I also used "Out the Door" topcoat for the first time.  I have been reading about it and I know a lot of polish lovers highly recommend it.  I like it.  I wasn't like: "Whoa...this is remarkable", but it's good.  It dried fast and left a nice shine.
This mani consists of:
1 coat of Poshe base coat
2 coats of Sassy Pants
1 coat of Out the Door topcoat

I tried to get some shots outside in the sun.  The forecast called for sun, but it was cloudy and my pictures are a bit blurry.

This pink kinda reminds me of butter London's Primrose Hill Picnic.  Pinks have always been my favorite.  I love pink, I can't help it.  I really like this pink with my skintone.  Some colors look awesome in the bottle, but when they're on, they look blah.  This pink is for cool skintones, in my opinion.  This polish is super easy to apply and I really didn't need 2 coats.  I really do like this creamy yet glossy hot pink!

The only complaint I have with these bottles is the gripper...  It looks so cute, but the black smudged off on my fingers while applying and I couldn't figure out why my fingers were turning black at first .

I own 4 of these polishes, but I will definitely obtain more!  What do you think about Lex Cosmetics?  Do you  own any yet??  Btw:  Happy Columbus Day!!


  1. This is a really pretty color! I own 3 colors but not this one, I think Lex is a good brand and I love the backstories on the colors.

  2. That is super pretty! That was one of the ones I was looking at!

  3. Wow I love this and LEX cosmetics!!! I love how they give back!!! Nice color!!!

  4. Yay! It looks awesome on you. I <3 LEX polishes!

  5. i also love the way they give back to the needy


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