Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Retro Pink

A pretty pink holo for Pink Wednesday.  I'll admit.. I'm not too keen on holos like everyone else, but I heard these new Hologram Effect polishes by Layla were amazing, so I had to have just one, so of course I chose the pink one..

Layla Retro Pink:

Ok, so this one has an awesome linear holo effect.  The sun wasn't supposed to shine today, but as soon as it popped out I grabbed my bottle of Retro Pink and applied this super girly mani.  I really need an aqua basecoat because I had to apply four coats of Retro Pink to reach full opacity and the pretty holo shine.. (I used Posche).

**These polishes are expensive.  I bought mine on amazon because I had leftover credit on a gift card.  I think this bottle was $15.  I'm pretty sure you can find them at Ulta also.**


  1. sooooo prettty.
    I'm with you I really like the look of holos, but haven't been completely gushing over them! These look stunning though! I think the stronger the linear holo the more I like it.

  2. Gorgeous! I have 4 of these now but not this one but it's stunning!

  3. I also love the look of holos but I have yet to actually come across one so sadly I own none. This one is a stunner for sure!

  4. Hi ..this is gorgeous ... :) I need to get it..wonder if my Ulta carries these..I know they had the Layla Magnetic polishes but not yet these as of last time I was in.. :( maybe they have them now.
    What is a Aqua basecoat..?What does it do for these? And where do you find them at? :)

    1. Here is a post by Jeanie at Midnight Manicures that may answer your question about aqua basecoats.. I thick there is a cheaper brand you can buy at the Dollar Store, but not sure how well it works..

    2. Thank you ..I checked out her post on it and now I get it ..okay but it did not say where to find it at..where to buy it? Do you know? :)

    3. Here's a link :)

  5. I used Seche Vite as a base coat and only had to use 2 coats for opacity on Ocean Rush (darker blue). I also heard that they work well over other polishes as underwear. This is beautiful on you :)

  6. That's so pretty. I don't know when I'm going to be able to lay my hands on a holo :(

  7. I really like this one, my second favourite after Flash Black! I went away with 3 coats though, and no aqua base either. I was just super careful in each coat not to polish over a part of the nail I had already painted or it would drag everything away!

  8. Can't go wrong with holo!!


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