Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lindsey chose ME for her blogger spotlight post :)....

Check out Neverland Nail Blog..  Lindsey featured lil ole me for her blogger spotlight post..  Thank You, Lindsey!! :)

It's that time again folks....

It's Blogger Spotlight time =]!!! This week, I chose one of my personal favorite bloggers (for both content on her blog, and for being a great friend =]!), Miss Jodi of Captivating Claws =]! She has FABULOUS swatches that literally have directly led me to ordering polish after I saw her photos *ahem* Lynnderella Thank Blue *cough cough*! Without further is my interview with Jodi =]!

1. Hello! Please introduce yourself and your fabulous blog. 
Hi.. I'm Jodi and my "fabulous" (thanks Lindsey) blog is called "Captivating Claws." The name came to me quite quickly... I just plugged "Pretty Fingers" in to the thesaurus and Captivating Claws came up and sounded catchy. :)

2. Give us a few key words that would describe your blog/blogging style...
I blog about polishes I love, or think I love. I will post "polish fails" and polishes I think others would enjoy. I'd like to think my posts are fun, to the point, and informative. I just try to be myself in my posts.

3. What (or who) inspired you to create a blog of your own? 
I constantly came across blogs posts in Facebook, and one day just decided: "Hey, I can do that too." I would like to thank Erika from  and Destany from . They both were so helpful once I started my blog.  

4. What has been your favorite mani thus far?
Hmmm.... I love my Lynnderellas and I'm proud of my animal print gradient, it was my first semi- successful attempt at stamping.

Click here for original post! 

Click here for original post!

5. Do you have a favorite polish brand?
I really like Zoya. They have awesome polishes,  promos, and customer service. I love the way they work with bloggers and are so interactive with their clientele. And, their polish just rocks in general. :)
6. What is THE most beloved polish in your stash?
I didn't know how much I'd value this one when I pre-ordered it, but....Cult Nails Unicorn Puke would be the one I'd pick IF I have to pick just one. It's just so dreamy.  :)

7. What blogs are your favorites and what do you like about them?
Obviously, the two blogs I previous mentioned are a couple of my faves.  Erika at polish fixation is so talented and I love the combos she comes up with, especially with her stamping.  Destany at Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom is so knowledgeable about so many brands and I enjoy her diverse posts.  I also love Chalkboard Nails.. Sarah is so talented and her signature poses are so recognizable and unique. I love your blog, too.. Miss Lindsey :)

8. Any parting words for us =]?
Just thanks for picking me Lindsey, I'm flattered. And, to anyone who is contemplating starting a blog of your own... DO IT! It's fun! :)
Thanks so much, Jodi =]! Now....for a few of my personal favorite manis of hers =]!!! 

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Click here for original post!

Click here for original post!

Once again, a huge thank you to Jodi for the interview and just for sharing what she loves =]! If you haven't seen her blog...please do, you'll love it!

If you have a nomination for the next Blogger Spotlight, please email me at =]!



  1. Great pictures! I nominated you for the cute blog award

  2. Jodi! <3 You are perfect for blogger spotlights - and totally deserve lots of attention! :)

  3. Thanks Destany... you've helped me so much! :)


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