Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Bettina Water Marble...

Hey Everyone... today's post is a pleasant surprise.  It's a water marble that turned out pretty good seeing it was my second attempt and my expectations weren't too high.  I tried once before a few months ago, and it was a complete disaster!!  I've seen other bloggers (especially Cris at Let Them Have Polish!) use bettinas when they water marble, so I thought I'd give it a try with a few of mine.

For this water marble I used Betinna Flip Flops, 190, and Onix:

Last time I attempted to water marble, I used zoyas and I couldn't get the polish to "spread" in the water.  I was so mad because I wasted so much polish with those!  The bettinas worked so much better for me.  I used room temperature bottled water in a shot glass LOL!  I've also watch a zillion tutorials made by Colette at My Simple Little Pleasures.  She has some awesome marbles!!

Here's my first almost 100% successful attempt:
before clean-up
Ok, so in the above pictures you can see where I made a mistake.  On my index and middle fingers you can see small "drops" of water.  I guess you're supposed to pull your fingers out of the water SLOWLY to avoid the bubbles.  I will remember that for next time.

Final marble with topcoat:

After I applied the topcoat, the bubbles chipped and you can see the white base.  Oh yeah, before you marble, apply a coat or two of white polish so the colors in the marble "stick" to your nail better and look more opaque.  In the other pictures, I tried angle my hands so your couldn't see the chips, :)

I'm proud of this marble.  I now have the courage to try this again soon!!  How do you feel about water marbling?  Do you have any good disaster or success stories??


  1. I love this! The colors go really good together, great choices :)
    Every time I've ever tried to water marble it's turned into a disaster. I've given up any hope lol

  2. Beautiful water marble, wish mine came out that well.
    Also, I passed you the Kreativ Blogger Award.

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  3. U did fabulous!!! Colette is like the water marble queen!! I've learned so much from her tutorials! Your color choices are amazing too!! That is half the battle!

  4. Ahh it's gorgeous! My attempts have all been a disaster urgh. Maybe I should give it a shot again...

  5. This looks great!!! I love water marbling. It can be hit or miss with me though. But even if I don't necessarily get the design I was going for, I still get something nice. Great job!! Love the colors ;0)

  6. I love this (as you already know!) great job!! :D

  7. Ohhhh!! wow!! U make this look effortless!! Soo pretty!

  8. It looks great! I LOVE to water marble. I think it's my favorite manicure to create. A tip with the bubbles... if you tap you finger on the cup right after removing it from the water, the bubbles usually go away and you don't see your base color :)

  9. Woah these turned out amazing! So gorgeous!!

  10. Oh Jodi, this is GORGEOUS! i hate you for your watermarble skills now! hahahah

  11. This is gorgeous, the colours look stunning together!


  12. OMG! This is the first time I have ever seen water marbling, and you just rocked my world. :)

  13. Thanks Everyone... I will have to try this again soon!! :)

  14. This is a great water marble! Lovely colors :)

  15. It looks great! I'm scared of trying water marble because I know it takes a whole lot of time, and then, what a nightmare having to clean everything!!

  16. Just some advice with the water marbling, put scotch tape around your nail before dipping that way clean-up isn't such a pain in the butt! You did fabulous though! I love the colors!!

    Here is a water marbling tutorial (I can see you know how to do it, but this shows how to use tape for less of a clean-up):

    1. Thanks April, I think I will try tape next time. I used vaseline on my skin and clean-up wasn't too bad :)

  17. Vaseline works ok but I find that scotch tape is better. Just gotta take it off and throw it away. I get cheapo tape since I use it for so many manis too. Also, when/if you use tape remember to let the polish dry, then stick the tape to the back of your hand first to rid some of the stickiness first. It really does help! I just used tape for my mani last night! Visit my blog and you will see a few tape manis. I am still a blog newbie but I will get more on there!

  18. This turned out so great!


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