Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Glitter Gal.. Enchanted and a little stamping..

Pink Wednesday?  Yep.  Every day is a pink day for me :)  I've been swatching a lot of shiny polishes lately because we've been blessed with sunshine, or should I say we "were" blessed with sunshine. (it's raining now.)  Anyway, I took advantage of the sun and here is a pink holo I chose to swatch...

Glitter Gal Enchanted:

I love pink and I love holos, but I gotta admit.. I really wasn't that impressed with Enchanted.  It was hard to capture the holo effect even in direct sun.  I know sometimes my camera won't capture the holo glow, but with this one, the holo effect really wasn't that strong.. especially compared to 10 to Midnight.  I still liked this polish.. it's a pretty color, application was a breeze, AND I wore it for three days without chipping (that's a long time for me).

I purchased Enchanted at Llarowe's online store a few months ago for $14.  I don't see it in stock now, but there are other great Glitter Gals available.

So, after day three of this mani, I decided to "spice it up" a little with some stamping.  I've only attempted stamping a handful of times, so I was pretty happy with this one:
I stamped with Essie Size Matters and used Konad plate m60.  I'm getting better each time I stamp.. yay!!

Happy Hump Day!!


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