Monday, January 9, 2012

BLAZE Color Changing Nail Polish.. Pop Pink to Plum Twist..

Hi!  I hope everyone is having a Happy Monday!  Today I have a really cool polish to share with you.  This one actually changes color as you go outside in the's solar activated.

Take a look at Blaze Color Changing Polish.. Pop Pink to Plum Twist:
Indoors- natural light

Indoors-- natural light
Above pictures are three generous coats of Pop Pink to Plum Twist.  You can also use these polishes as top coats, but I chose to just use this one on it's own.  As it's name states, it's definitely a "Pop Pink" color indoors.

Let's see how it changes in the sun:
Outdoors- direct sunlight

Outdoors- direct sunlight
Holy Crap... it really works!!  I guess I wasn't expecting such a drastic change, but this polish definitely changes to a "plum" color when you're out in direct sunlight.  Pretty cool, huh?  I'd probably wear this color more in the summer when there is more sun.  I like the "Plum Twist" color better.  This would be a great color to wear on your toes at the beach :)

I took a few shots as soon as I walked back inside, before it changed back to "Pop Pink."  Look..
Indoors- immediately after being in sun

Indoors- immediately after being in sun
It takes about five minutes for it to change back to "Pop Pink" so the two above pictures are kind of a "between" color.  The concept of these polishes is pretty cool especially if you get bored with your color fast :)

Blaze Polishes are available here for $12.95.  They now also have a glitter changing polish line that looks pretty cool.  I'll have to try some of those.  This polish is also 3 Free, so that's a plus.

Do you own any of these?  Which combo is your favorite?


  1. wow, this is super cool! i don't own any from this brand but would love to try it out. i think it'd be fun to watch the colors change =)

  2. Yes. their glitters changing polish line is gorgeous. i did my review on that at


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