Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Topshop.. One Hot Minute and Wet N Wild.. Tangled in My Web..

Happy Wednesday, Pink Wednesday!!  I have a deep magenta pink to share with you today from a brand new to me called "Topshop."  My friend Rhonni (she really is a Polish Ninja), picked this up for me while she was shopping with other polish buddies in Chicago.

Here's Topshop- One Hot Minute:
One Hot Minute
 Look how cute the bottle is!!  I think that's the main reason I wanted this! :)

One Hot Minute is such a pretty magenta.  I love berry-colored pinks!  The formula was great, it applied so smoothly.  I applied three coats for full opacity.  If you can find this brand, I'd recommend picking up a few.. they're fun!!

The cute dots on the handle made me think of Wet n Wild's Tangled in My Web.  I've had this polish since October and haven't used it, so now is the perfect opportunity..

One Hot Minute topped with Tangled in My Web:

It's fun, right?? :)  This is two coats of  Tangled in My Web.  I thought I may need three or more coats because not much glitter stuck after the first coat, but I was wrong and two coats did the trick!!  I hope you all enjoyed this mani as much as I did!!

Have a great day!! :)


  1. that is so cute! I've never heard of that topshop brand but the color is perfect on you!! :)

  2. This is really cute!! I love the color and the glitter!!

  3. i'm so sad - i have no acces to WetNWild and Tangled in the Web is sooooo amazing ;(

  4. That is REALLY pretty! I am so glad you <3 it!!

  5. that berry color is YUMMYYY!! nice mani!

  6. TopShop is a British high street clothes shop, they've started doing make-up and nail polish in the last couple of years too :)
    I love the way these look together!



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