Saturday, January 28, 2012

Skeptical Saturday Mani.. Material Girl..Psychedelic and Labyrinth

Wow, it's Saturday already.. that means another Skeptical Saturday Mani Post.  Today I chose two Material Girl Polishes I purchased a while back while shopping online at Macy's.  I'm pretty sure these polishes are exclusive to Macy's.  They are from Madonna and her daughter, Lola's new line of clothing, make-up etc...  The look of these bottles mimic those of butter LONDON so closely.  I've read varies stories about a possible lawsuit from butter LONDON vs Material Girl Polishes...  who knows??

I've been leery about trying these two because the colors aren't what I expected.  (That's what you get for trying to pick a color online).  Today is a perfect day to give them a try..

First up is Psychedelic: 

The last of these three pictures best represents what Psychedelic looks like in real life.  On Macy's site, it's described as: " A provocative, vivacious violet shimmer."  I usually like blue-based purples (like the first two pictures).  This one is more red based.  It's pretty, it's just not my favorite type of purple.  Psychedelic is very sheer.  Pictured is three coats.

Next is Labyrinth: 
Labyrinth over Psychedelic

Labyrinth over Psychedelic
Labyrinth is described as: "An unexpected rainbow of pink glitter."  I'm not sure why they'd call it pink glitter. It's medium sized round rainbow glitter in a clear base.  It's really gritty like sea salt and OMG did it stink!!  I applied two coats over Psychedelic, took pictures, and removed it asap!!  I had to crack a window for this one.. but it is pretty.  I think I'd like it better over black.  (I'll wear a gas mask if I ever use it again)

I'm not sure if these polishes are 3 FREE.  I can't seem to find that info anywhere.  They're both pretty colors, but I don't think I'll be buying any more.  Do you have any Material Girl Polishes?  What do you think of them?

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  1. The purple is really pretty and the glitter is pretty but I think the grittiness of it would drive me crazy

  2. If it stinks that badly I highly doubt that they're 3 Free! LOL!


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