Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Zoya True and Fleck Effect Swatches and Review...

I'm so excited about this post because I love Zoya and I'm truly flattered to receive The True Collection and The Fleck Effects for review!!  So, let's get started...(warning: Picture Heavy)

 True Spring 2012 Collection:
LtoR: Farah, Bevin, Cho, Lotus, Skylar, Tru
Zoya describes the True Collection as: "A fresh bloom of dewy color.  Inspired by the runway looks of top designers this collection features slightly muted and unexpected spring shades in six easy to wear,  full coverage creams and metallics."

Cho is described as: "A Vanilla Shimmer Metallic."  Cho is one of two nudes in this collection.  She is the lighter of the two.  This one is my least favorite as there isn't much of a contrast between Cho and my skintone.  I've seen this one on darker skintones and really like it.  Cho required two generous coats for full opacity.

Farah is described as: "A latte beige cream."  I like Farah much better.  Application was a breeze and Farah is just dark enough to have the contrast I need in a nude for my skintone.  Farah or Cho would be perfect polishes to wear in a more conservative workplace where bolder colors are frowned upon.

Bevin is described as: "A pale sage green cream."  I love this one, surprisingly.  I'm usually not drawn to greens, but I loved Bevin before I even applied her.  I love the hint of mint in Bevin.  Once again, application was a breeze as Bevin is also opaque with two coats.

Lotus is described as: "A light lotus purple metallic."  This one is gorgeous.. the shimmer, the application, the color...everything is perfect and.... I love the pink shimmer!!

Tru is described as: "A gilded purple orchid metallic."  Tru is like Lotus' twin sister, only darker.  The pink shimmer is there like Lotus and the application is just a great.  Tru is a pretty darker purple that is perfect for spring!

Skylar is described as: "A silvered slate blue metallic."  Isn't Skylar gorgeous??  I didn't want to take her off!  I love this shade of cornflower blue and the light shimmer is amazing!!  The first coat of Skylar goes on sheer, but after two coats, you're good to go.  This one and Bevin are my two favorites from this collection!!

Zoya also is releasing three mylar fleck glazes that can be worn alone or as a topcoat.  (I personally wouldn't wear them alone, but to each their own..)

Fleck Effects: Opal, Chloe, and Maisie
Opal has a green base with  green fleck effect.  Chloe has a pink base with green and gold fleck effects. And Maisie has a blue base with green fleck effect.

Here they are alone:
L to R: Chloe, Maisie, and Opal-- two coats
I really wouldn't want to wear them alone..  You'll see in the next few pictures they look much better layered over a solid color..

Opal over Cho
Opal over Bevin
Chloe over Lotus
Maisie over Skylar
See how much better the Fleck Effects look over a base color?  They're gorgeous!!  Only one coat does the job to created this "flakie" effect.

A lot of people wear these type of top coats over black, so I thought I'd swatch them over black so you can see what they look like:
L to R: Chloe, Maisie, Opal.. over black.
They look so pretty over black!  I did notice Maisie and Opal are very similar.  Opal almost looks bluer and she's the one with green base.  There isn't much difference, in my opinion between Opal and Maisie... but they're both gorgeous.  Of course, Chloe is my favorite because I love pink so much!

Overall, I absolutely love every single polish in this collection!!  There is something for everyone and the colors are perfect for spring!!  Yay Zoya...  You did an awesome job!!  :)

These colors will be available January 13, 2012 at for $8 each.  You can like Zoya's Facebook  Page here.  They are always running awesome promos!!  And, as always, Zoya is 3 FREE!!

**These collections were sent to me for review**


  1. Great review and swatches of these! I just got mine in the mail today so I will get to try them out very soon as well! I can't wait!

  2. I love these swatches! Skylar and Lotus are my favorites but they are all very nice!

  3. Your swatches are gorgeous! I love Bevin and Tru!

  4. All of your swatches are beautiful. I will definitely need to buy Skylar and Tru! :)

  5. I am so glad I ordered Tru, Skylar, and Lotus along with my two free ones from the promo! They are beautiful!!!


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