Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Electropop Splatter...

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Today I have my first "Splatter Mani."  This mani was so much fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I just followed these instructions from stylelist posted by the talented Sarah from Chalkboard Nails.

Here are the colors I used from China Glaze's new Electropop Collection:
L to R- basecoat: Sweet Hook.  Splatter Colors: Electric Beat, Gaga For Green, Gothic Lolita, Fuchsia Fanatic
Start by choosing a base coat.  I used two coats of Sweet Hook.  After your base is dry.. start your splatter by dipping a drinking straw in each polish and blowing polish on to each finger.  (follow Sarah's instructions above).

Here's the finished product:
this pic was taken without topcoat incase it smeared ;)

with topcoat

with topcoat

with topcoat
I took a few pictures before I applied the topcoat in case the polish smeared (the only pic without topcoat is the one with the green bottle.)  You have to wait a while for the splatter to dry.  I applied China Glaze's Fast Forward Topcoat with little smearing (thank God).  The formula in the hot pink color (Fuchsia Fanatic) was kinda runny, so it didn't splatter too well...  it just kinda landed in "blobs."

This mani is retro and fun and takes me back to the 80's!  Try a Splatter Mani soon.  They're easier than you'd think!! :)


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