Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SpaRitual... Hypnotic

I love SpaRitual.  I just purchased this one a few weeks ago and I've been dying to wear it ever since.  It wasn't "Holiday-ish," so I waited until after all the glittery reds and greens were posted... now, I can post Hypnotic..

with flash

Hypnotic is another one of those "Chameleon Polishes."  It looks different in different light.  With a flash, Hypnotic almost looks milk-chocolatety.  In natural light it looks brownish/dark grey.  I asked my step-daughter what color she thought it was and she answered: "dark blue."  Hmmm...so, deep browngreyblue??  Whatever the case, Hypnotic is gorgeous and it's so shiny!  I love it!!  Above pictures are two coats followed by Out the Door Topcoat.

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  1. This is gorgeous!!! I don't own a polishes of this brand :(


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