Friday, November 25, 2011

Lynnderella's Thank Blue!...

My second Lynnderella post is Thank Blue!  I posted Connect the Dots the other day over Zoya Kristen and I still have Happy Holo-daze, but I'll wait closer to Christmas to do a post with that one.  Thank Blue! has turquoise hexagons and squares with turquoise holographic hexagons and squares and also aqua hexagons in a light blue sparkly base.

Here is two coat of Thank Blue! over OPI's Road House Blues:

Gah!!!  I love it!!  Do you own any Lynnderella's?  Which is your favorite??


  1. So gorgeous. I can not wait to wear this

  2. Just bought this one and was looking up have the BEST swatches I've seen for this polish =]! Thanks for sharing =D

  3. Thanks Lindsey... I love this one too!!

  4. gorgeous! and I'm not even a glitter girl!


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