Friday, January 27, 2012

A Tie Dye Inspired Water Marble..

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My last watermarble turned out quite well, so I'm going to keep practicing.  When I chose the colors for this water marble, I was thinking "traditional tie dye colors."  I used Bettina Polishes for my last marble because I knew they were supposed to work well.  With this one, I just grabbed the colors I thought looked best.  

Here are the colors I chose:
L to R: Dr.'s Remedy NOBLE Navy, China Glaze Sunshine POP, OPI Alpine  Snow, China Glaze  Hey Sailor, and Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!
With my last marble, I used white as the base coat and had little bubbles that chipped and the white base showed through, so this time I decided to use Hey Sailor as the base..  that was a bad choice because the yellow (Sunshine Pop) kinda looks orange-y.  Take a look:

A few "bubbles" wound up on this marble, too.  I even made sure I withdrew my hand slowly from the water, tapped the side of the glass, AND blew on them.  Regardless, I'm happy with this result.  I'm really catching on and I think I'll do these more often.  I have to give credit to Colette at My Simple Little Pleasures.  She does amazing marbles and I've watched her tutorials on youtube a billion times!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! :)


  1. That looks awesome! Reminds me of those old early morning cartoons :)

  2. This looks amazing!!!! Love the color scheme!

  3. I did a water marbled mani on my sister. We ended up with drops of water on a few of them, which messed it up. How do you get rid of stuff like that and make sure each nail comes up great? Other than that, it all went perfectly and can't wait to give it another go :)

    1. I get the water drops too. You're supposes to lift your fingers out of the water slowly and tap them on the side of the glass/bowl with the water in in.. Just keep trying like I am :)

  4. this is beautiful! love how the colors give it a retro look!

  5. The colours look fantastic, Im still attempting this technique :/

  6. Looks super retro! I have tried it twice, and I had to redo the fingers with the evil bubbles, guess it has to do with how u dip and lift the finger, still trying to get mine perfect :-D

  7. This turned out so awesome, GREAT job!!!

  8. this is unbelievably amazing xxxxx

  9. This looks SO amazing! I love the colors... I suck at water marbling!

  10. Wow! Truly spectacular colors!!


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