Monday, January 23, 2012

Barielle.. Elle's Spell

Hi!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Today I have "Elle's Spell" by Barielle.  This is a pretty popular polish.. when I did a google image search, there were tons of results.  Instead of swatching Elle's Spell on it's own, I decided to apply it over Dr.'s Remedy Noble Navy for this post.  On to the swatches..

Elle's Spell over Dr.'s Remedy Noble Navy:

with flash
Elle's Spell  is a red jelly packed full of flakies.  I tried it once before on its own and wasn't too impressed.  I like it much better over a darker color.  Above pictures are two coats.  Elle's Spell was the first Barielle polish I purchased.  I've only bought maybe 3 more and sad to say, I really don't like any of them.  The brush is wonky with two of them (uneven bristles) and I just wasn't impressed with the formula.  Elle's Spell is pretty over Noble Navy...I'm just not a fan of Barielle.. Wait, I do like their Nail Strengthener Cream, that's about it.

Do you have Elle's Spell?  What are your thoughts on Barielle products?


  1. This is top of my wishlist, it's lovely :) I've never tried Barielle because it's not available here sadly.

  2. oh that looks so pretty over blue! i need to experiment with my bottle over different bases...

  3. I have this and sadly no matter what I try it over I just don't like it. Just not the polish for me I guess

  4. it looks good!! i would never think to put it over a dark color and i'm not usually a dark red fan either..i think it looks like blood on me, lol

  5. OMG! I can't wait to get mine from Carly!

  6. I am so glad I read this. I was literally just about to spend money for 4 of Barielle's polishes including this one...I always google polishes to see how they look. Now that I know the brushes are wonky along with less than impressive application I will save my money for other polishes. Besides, I already have several flakie polishes that look just like this when layered. Thanks for the heads up!!


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