Saturday, January 14, 2012

Skeptical Saturday Mani.. Julep Jodie

Happy Weekend!!  It's time for another Skeptical Saturday Mani... Each week I pick a color I'm not too sure about, swatch it, and give my review... then I'd love to hear what you think. :)

If you know me, you know why I had to have Julep Jodie.  My name is Jodi (of course no one ever spells it the way I do.)  Anyway, my friend, Destany was kind enough to swap me for Julep Jodie.  I'm kinda "skeptical" about this color, so I thought Jodie would make a perfect Skeptical Saturday Mani Post..

Julep Jodie:
indirect light


indirect sunlight
Julep must have already discontinued Jodie.  I just went to their website to see how they describe her and she wasn't there anymore :(  Anyway, Jodie is a coppery, dusty pink.  I usually don't go for coppers, but the pink part of Jodie makes me like her just a little bit. ;)  Application with Jodie was easy.  Above  pictures are two coats with no topcoat.

Should I be skeptical of Jodie??  Nah... She's just not a color I wouldn't choose for myself, but I'm glad I have her just for the name..  If I could choose a color to represent "Jodi", I think it would be a deep pink (almost hot pink) cool toned holo! :)  Do you have any polishes that share your namesake?  What do you think about it?  I'm just waiting for Zoya to come out with an amazing JODI!!  ;)


  1. She's a great color on your :) Glad I could help!!! Especially since she's gone off the site now!

  2. Very pretty! The dean of my dorm spells her name just like you do!

  3. Hi Jodi, I really love to try Julep nail polishes, but they are not available in my country.

    I'm sending these Blog Awards to you, do check them out.

  4. I think it's pretty, just not spectacular. And hey, it's your namesake, so it's a keeper ;0)


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