Monday, September 10, 2012

Some Untried Indies...

Hey Everyone!!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  I was busy swatching yesterday (and listening to my husband swear at The Brown's Game on TV)..  I have so many Indies I haven't even tried yet, so I grabbed the first six that caught my eye.  Here they are...

HARE Polish Rad Cloud:

This is my first HARE Polish.  I've been wanting one since I first saw them like a year ago, but they weren't available for the longest time.  I finally got my hands on Rad Cloud and I really like it.  Pictured above is two coats of Rad Cloud over OPI Steady As She Rose.  I love the milky sheer pink base and the glitter combo is perfect (especially the squares!!)

Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger:

Toxic Avenger is another polish I've been holding on to for a long time because it's now hard to find.  Dollish Polish was another one of my first Indie purchases.  Toxic Avenger is a gorgeous multi-chrome holo.  This one looked different each time I looked at my nails.  The above pic is two coats in natural can see the holo-goodness in direct sun (which we didn't have)  Love it!

Enchanted Polish Dizzy Mizz Lizzy:

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy has a coppery/red jelly base packed with micro holo glitter along with tons of other colors and shapes of glitter.  I like the formula a lot with this one, just not a big fan of coppers.  Pictured above is two coats of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.

Oopsie Daisies Banana Split:

I just love this one.. it's the perfect representation of a banana split!!  I recently came across Oopsie Daisies Etsy store and knew I wanted Banana Split right away.  It has a gorgeous creamy banana-y base with pink, black and white glitters.  Pictured above is three coats with topcoat.

Darling Diva Polish Bazinga!

Ok, so I guess my new thing is creamy bases with square glitter... I'm just drawn to them lately.  Bazinga! by Darling Diva Polish is amazing!!  I love everything about it.. the formula, the glitter combo, the color, the base etc..  Pictured above is three coats followed by a fast-dry topcoat.

Nerd Lacquer Pinin' For The Fjords:

Pinin' For The Fjords has a beautiful lilac base.  I've seen this one swatched mostly over a solid base color, but I chose to wear it on it's own.  Pictured above is three coats followed by a thick coat of topcoat.  It's the perfect mix of silver, indigo, and aqua glitters.  I've been keeping my Nerd Lacquers hidden in my helmer because they are so hard to find, but decided to pull this one out for a pretty mani. :)

--Hare Polish has an Etsy Shop here and can be purchased at Llarowe
--Dollish Polish can be purchased here.. (just not Toxic Avenger anymore)
--Enchanted Polish can be purchased here.
--Oopsie Daisies Polish can be purchased on Etsy here.
--Darling Diva Polish can be purchased here.

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