Saturday, January 12, 2013

Utopia's Polish..Swatches and Review

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  I am really excited about today's post!!  I am the hugest indie-polish-lover, yet these are my first from Utopia's Polish and I really gotta say, I've been missing out on some great polish!!!  If you're a fan of "glitter bombs," I think you'll love these!!  Here are the five I have for review and they are stunning!!!

Luck O' The Irish:

Luck O' The Irish

Holy Crap, I love Luck O' The Irish!!  I'm not even that big on green polish, but this one is created so beautifully, I just fell in love with it!!  The base is almost a seafoam green and it contains gorgeous gold holo glitters in hearts, squares and various sizes of hex, various colors of micro glitter and gorgeous shimmer.  Only two coats of Luck O' The Irish is required for full opacity.  I topped it off with a thick coat of top coat and everything was smooth and shiny!! :)

Be My Sweetheart:

Be My Sweetheart

Thud!!!-- That was me passing out because Be My Sweetheart is so breathtaking-ly gorgeous!!  ;)  Seriously, I love this polish!!  The formula is perfect!!  I only used two coats for full opacity again!    I love a sheer buildable formula!!  This is my favorite color of pink too!!  Throw in the mix of red hearts, hex, square and bar glitter, add the white hex and holo shimmer and you have "perfection in a bottle."  Be My Sweetheart really is a wonderful polish for Valentine's Day!!

Unconditional over Zoya Julie:

Unconditional over Zoya Julie

 Hello Gorgeous Holo!!  Unconditional is the only polish of these five that I used as a topper.  I probably could have just applied a few coats of it alone, but I wanted to layer it for this post.  I have two thin coats of Unconditional over Zoya Julie followed by top coat in the above four pics.  This one mostly contains pinks, golds and holo glitters and shimmer in a clear base.

Brilliant Ideas:

Brilliant Ideas

Brilliant Ideas has another amazing formula!  The base is a gorgeous blueberry blue that's opaque in two coats.   I'm really liking the fuchsia and blue glitters mixed in Brilliant Ideas.  

Warrior Princess:

Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess's base is a gorgeous blue-toned pink!!  Once again, this has the same buildable base as all the others (except Unconditional).  Warrior Princess contains pink, violet and white glitters with a touch of holo shimmer.  It's gorgeous just like all the others!!  love it!!

**So, I am super impressed with each of these polishes!!  Great formula and color combos!!  These polishes from Utopia's Polish really are a glitter-lover's dream!!  I really can't think of one bad thing to say about any of these, except I had to "fish" for the heart glitter a bit with Unconditional, but that's it.  I highly recommend each of these and I can't wait to get my hands on more from Utopia's Polish!! **

--These polishes should be available soon here on Etsy
--Be sure to like Utopia's Polish on facebook here.

--Polishes in this post were sent for review

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  1. I would say they have everything a polish needs!


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