Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nail Candy's "Love Letter" Collection

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  I have a cute new (to me) concept with nail polish/nail art to share with you.  It's the Love Letter Collection from Nail Candy and it has a dual function applicator, one side is a brush to paint the nail and the other is a patented "micro-tip" that enables intricate nail design created with ease.

Nail Candy's Love Letter Collection:

You can see in the above picture how the pen and polishes come apart.  You can use both the red and the pink as a base color or as the "pen."

In the above picture, I chose to use the "bubble gum pink" and the sheer white as the base colors.  The formula is really great!  I was amazed how evenly each color applied.  I used two coats of each.

After the base colors were completely dry, I created some hearts and "hugs & kisses" for my designs.  You may want to practice using the "pens" on a piece of paper.  You have to squeeze just the right amount or your design will appear runny (notice my pinkie.. oops).

I really like this concept for nail art.  It's easy enough for beginners like myself to create something simple and cute.  If you're more experienced with nail art, this would be great for you also.(your designs would just be a little more advanced than mine).  :)

**HERE is a link if you'd like to purchase these or read more about them
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