Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sephora X Power Hungry

Hi Everyone!!  I have another polish I received from my husband as a Christmas gift to share with you today.  This is my first Sephora X polish and it's called Power Hungry--A full coverage, ruby red lacquer with color-sealed sparkle... This polish is so gorgeous..

Sephora X Power Hungry:

Ok, if every Sephora X polish has the same great formula and durability as Power Hungry, I want them all!!  Power Hungry is part of the The Cosmics line of Sephora X Polishes.. I think there is also: The New Classics, The Prismatics, The Pearlescents, The New Neutrals, The Electrics, and The Sparklers.  Sephora X also has a base and top coat.  I wore Power Hungry for two days with NO chipping.. that's a miracle for me!!  I have two coats of Power Hungry followed by top coat in the above pictures.  I love the jelly finish and the micro glitters!  I can't wait to get my hands on more Sephora X Polishes!!  Do you own any??  What do you think of them??

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


  1. Wow!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  2. This is beautiful! Have 2 Sephora X polishes but they are both creme finish. I loved Secretive but today I am wearing "Campy" and I'm not liking it....but it's more the color that I am not digging. This is beautiful though!

  3. this is soo lovely!!! love the glitters!

  4. So pretty and sparkly!!! It reminds me of Dorothy's red shoes in the wizard of Oz :)


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