Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flocking Powder from Born Pretty + Tutorial

Happy Weekend!!  I've been curious about flocking powder, so I chose this kit from Born Pretty to review and added a short tutorial for you guys.  It's really pretty simple to use, but kinda funky once on your nails.  Take a look..

This kit from Born Pretty included a base coat, a polish (I chose red), velvet (flocking) powder, tweezers and a brush

Start with a generous base coat on all nails.. (ignore my yellowing.. ugh!)

Apply one coat of polish, let dry

You'll have to paint a second coat of polish, one nail at a time. (Do all this over newspaper, scrap paper etc.. to catch the excess flocking powder)  As soon as you apply the second coat to a nail, place your finger on the paper, grab the tweezers and cover entire nail with powder. (you can funnel the extra powder back in to container after each nail is finished).

You'll want to gently pat down the powder to you nail.. I emphasize "gently" because the polish is wet and you don't want it to smear.  You'll then use the brush provided to GENTLY wipe away excess powder (do all this over the paper).  Continue with each nail.

I didn't clean-up as thoroughly as I had anticipated.  I didn't want to smear the polish underneath the powder, but you get the concept.  It seemed like it took forever for the polish to dry, but once it did, (I waited about an hour to use my hands "normally") you can do anything with the flocking powder on your nails.  It feels weird when you run your fingers through your hair and I noticed when I did laundry, every little piece of lint got caught in my nails.  I wouldn't use flocking powder for "every day manis", but it is fun for special occasions or a night out.  Believe me, you'll get a zillion questions and comments on your "furry nails." LOL!!

**You can purchase this set here on Born Pretty.  They have tons of nail art supplies!!  If you use my code: ZR5X31, you'll receive 10% OFF your entire order!!**

--Products in this post were sent for review


  1. Flocking Powder is SO much fun to wear. I love just applying it :D And I think red wears well on your nails.

  2. flocking powder creeps me out! haha

  3. these look neat, but I dont know if i'd be able to leave them alone. lol


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