Monday, January 14, 2013

Tough As Nails Lacquer.. The Dregs Collection

Happy Monday Everyone!!  I have a new fabulous collection from Tough As Nails Lacquer to share with you today...The Dregs Collection!!  If you follow my blog, you know just how much I love Tough As Nails polishes, so my rave review of this collection will come as no surprise!

Elizabeth (the super talented creator of Tough As Nails) has this to say about The Dregs Collection:
"The Dregs Collection is a different sort of collection from Tough As Nails Lacquer. Featuring four lacquers, The Dregs Collection was conceived from a recent obsession with drinking tea, the underbelly of Victorian culture, and a desire for a more calming collection. "

The color palate in The Dregs is much softer, featuring two work-friendly glitters and two pale, shimmery cremes.

The Redundant Woman:

The Redundant Woman is a pale lilac creme with subtle blue shimmer.  If you catch it in the right light, you'll see hints of a pinkish shimmer.  The Redundant Woman is such a refreshing color that reaches full opacity with three coats.  I applied top coat for added shine. This one reminds me of springtime!

"Redundant Women were the approximately 750,000 women in the UK during the 19th century who would remain unmarried because of a demographic imbalance in genders."

East End Girl:

East End Girl is a gorgeous cornflower blue/teal with a blue shimmer that's so so beautiful!!  I absolutely love this shade of blue!!  It's soft and subtle, but that darker blue shimmer gives it just a little "kick" to make it stand out a bit.  I have three coats of East End Girl followed by top coat in the above three photos.

"East End Girl is an homage to the at least five women who suffered under Jack The Ripper's skilled and brutal hands.  Their deaths helped draw attention to the poor living conditions in Whitechapel in London's East End."

Magdalene's Laundry Service:

Hello Round Glitter... I think you're my new obsession!! ;)  Magdalene's Laundry Service is a light pink buildable milky jelly (aka "crelly).  It contains rose colored dots and hex glitters and I LOVE IT!!  You know ME + PINKS = LOVE!!  The formula is just right with Magdalene's Laundry Service!  I used three coats followed by top coat.. it's stunning and simple!!

"Magdalene Asylums, or Magdalene's Laundries, were institutions for the fallen women of society, located throughout Europe, Canada and the US.  These asylums were originally intended to rehabilitate prostitutes and other women back in to society, sustaining themselves by offering laundry services, but became prison-like, where women experienced hard labor, forced periods of silence, and abuse."

Builder's Tea:

Builder's Tea has a brown (with a hint of rose) milky base with gold and darker brown glitters.  I'm a huge fan of browns, so I was immediately drawn to Builder's Tea.  Again, three coats were used for full opacity, followed by top coat.  This is a great work-friendly glitter!!

"Builder's Tea is strong, inexpensive tea served with milk and sugar, usually consumed by the working class during the Victorian Era, allowing them to work for longer shifts, giving them a break that provided  sustenance to those whose meals didn't contain as much caloric value as the upper class."

** There you have it-- The Dregs Collection!!  I love everything about it!!  My personal favorites are East End Girls and Magdalene's Laundry Service!!**

--This collection is currently for sale here on Etsy at a "pre-sale" price of $20 for the shorty set and $30 for the full size set. (shipping included).  On January 27th, they will go up to regular price.
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Bonus Swatch:

Elizabeth generously added Leftover Batter to my package.  She must be psychic because I love white crellys with rainbow glitter!!  Isn't this so much fun!!  I have three coats followed by top coat in this pic!!  :)

-These polishes were sent for review


  1. East End Service and Magdalene's Laundry Service are so gorgeous! They're my favorites.

  2. I love Magdalene's Laundry Service! Gorgeous!


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