Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mentality-- The Inspired Shimmers and The Gold Flake Top Coats

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!  I have some more Mentality polishes for your viewing pleasure today.  Mentality is an "indie-brand" of polishes created by a husband-and-wife team.  Up first will be the Inspired Shimmers, then I'll show you some of the shimmers topped with the 24k Gold Flake Top Coat and the 12k White Gold Flake Top Coat..  On to the pictures...

A collection of five richly colored shimmering polishes. Each color represents an awareness ribbon and profits will be donated to support various organizations.


Vigilance is a deep aqua that dries to a pretty satiny finish.  Profits from Vigilance will be donated to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  Awareness.  This is such a pretty "ocean" blue.  I used two coats in the above two pics.  Be careful with this one.. it IS a stainer.. use a generous coat of base coat to help prevent staining.


Respect is stunning!!  It's my favorite of the Inspired Shimmers!!  In real life, the purple is much more "red-toned".  I just couldn't capture it's true color.  There is hidden pink shimmer in Respect which I absolutely love!!  Profits from Respect will be donated to support domestic violence awareness.


Triumph is my second favorite of the shimmers!!  Holy Pink, it's beautiful!! The finish with Triumph is a bit more shinier than the others.. I'm loving this red-toned hot pink!!  I have two coats of Triumph in the above photos.  Profits from Triumph will be donated to support breast cancer awareness.


Patience is a coppery orange shimmer.  This color doesn't do much for my skintone, but that's just my personal preference.  I'm sure Patience looks amazing on others'.  Again, I used two coats.  Profits from Patience will be donated to support ADHD awareness.


Innocence is a gorgeous blue that's a bit darker than Vigilance.  I REALLY like this color on me!!  The finish is almost matte and it's amazing!  Again, blue shimmers often stain and that holds true for Innocence also.  Just be careful with application and wear base coat.  Profits from Innocence will be donated to support Child Abuse Awareness.

**The you have The Inspired Shimmer Collection.  Five beautifully crafted polishes that are available HERE on bigcartel and HERE on Etsy.  They are $8 each (including shipping).

Next up is Mentality's 24k Gold Flake Top Coat...

24k Gold Flake Top Coat over Vigilance and Patience:

I really like the larger gold flakes with Mentality's 24k Gold Flake Top Coat.  I gently rolled my bottle while holding it upside-down.  I did this after each finger, but it was so easy to "grab" a gold flake that way.  I used the "dab and drag" method to place the flakes where I wanted them to lay.

**You can purchase the 24k Gold Flake Top Coat HERE on bigcartel or HERE on Etsy.  Each bottle is $15 (including shipping)

Mentality's 12k White Gold Flake Top Coat..

12k Gold Flake Top Coat over Respect and Triumph:

The 12k White Gold Top Coat is so gorgeous!! (especially over Respect!!)  I knew I'd like this more than the 24k because I like silver more than gold.  Be gentle with the formula, just like the 24k and you won't have a problem.  Just take your time with each nail and you'll get the desired amount. (I love the huge piece on my index finger over Respect!!)

**Purchase Mentality's 12k Gold Flake Top Coat HERE on Bigcartel and HERE on Etsy.  Each bottle is $12 (including shipping)  That's an AWESOME deal for this gorgeous white gold topper!!

**Be sure to like Mentality's facebook page and follow them on Instagram @mentalitynailpolish.

--Polishes in this post were sent for review

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