Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More from Laquerlicious..

Hi All... Yep, another Indie Post!!  This time it's all about Laquerlicious!  I reviewed three polishes from Laquerlicious back in November and now I have four more to share with you.  Three of these are Valentine's Day LE Polishes and one is for Saint Patrick's Day...

Cupid's Crush:

Cupid's Crush is such a fitting name for this polish because the base color reminds me of grape crush (the sodapop).  It's such a gorgeous shade of purple!!  The glitters in Cupid's Crush are all shards-- pink, white, red and violet.  The shards are perfect in the grape "jelly" base... they're smooth to the touch but look jagged 
(which I like).  I used two coats of Cupid's Crush followed by top coat.

Cherished Cherub:

Cherished Cherub has the same great jelly base as Cupid's Crush except it's base is a gorgeous deep magenta.  This is full of hex, square, and bar glitters in pink, red, and purple and it also contains scattered red holo heart glitter.  I absolutely love the base, but I'm not a huge fan of the bar glitter and I did have to fish a bit for the hearts, but the formula was great... I have two coats of Cherished Cherub followed by top coat in the above three pictures.

A Card & Candy:

A Card & Candy is my favorite of the three Valentine's Day Polishes.  I love the milky white (it almost seems lilac) base.  Yes, it's a "crelly" :)  I love this formula!!  A Card & Candy is full of red, pink and purple matte glitters..  I'm really loving the depth of this polish!! (and I don't even mind the bars :)  Again, I only used two coats for full coverage with top coat.

St. Patrick's Lucky Day:

The sun popped out just in time while I was taking pictures of St. Patrick's Lucky Day!  It's full of gold, green, (& maybe some silver) and holo glitters and sparkle.  I'm especially liking the round glitters in St. Patrick's Lucky Day and the holo glitter is brilliant in sunlight.  This polish has a pretty sheer base, so I chose to layer one coat over OPI Gargantuan Green Grape followed by top coat.  It's a great St.Paddy's Day polish!!

**Yay!  Four more beautiful creations from Michelle at Laquerlicous!!  I first discovered Laquerlicious on Instagram.  Michelle is pretty active there.  Make sure you follow her @Creativenailchick
**Follow Laquerlicious on twitter too @Nailchickmich
**The Valentine's Collection is available on Etsy now, and I'm sure St. Patrick's Lucky Day will be available soon!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

--Laquerlicious polishes were provided for review


  1. Thank you SO much Jodi!! Once again, your reviews are flawless! I love love LOVE your work!! Such beautiful, clean swatches!! Thank you again!!

  2. A Card & Candy is so pretty! Definitely my favorite of the bunch.

  3. I like them all except for the green one.


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