Monday, January 7, 2013

Lime Crime Zodiac Glitters

Hey Everyone.. Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend! The husband and I had fun with friends and family, but the weekends always fly by so fast!!  Today I have six loose cosmetic glitters from Lime Crime's  Zodiac Glitters to share with you today...

"Cosmetic-grade glitter inspired by the signs of Zodiac. Not your plain old glitter, these babies shift colors like sparkling constellations in the night sky, depending on the angle you look! For use on face, nails, hair and anywhere you want to sparkle. U.S. customers only: not recommended for immediate eye area."

Ophiucus is multi-colored holographic glitters and it's my favorite out of the six I have!  I applied two coats of nails Inc. Jermyn Street and quickly sprinkled Ophiucus directly on my nails while the polish was still wet. Clean-up wasn't too difficult.  Just hold your had over a paper plate (or something to catch the glitter).  I gently patted the glitter before applying top coat to "lock" the glitter on the polish. Simple and beautiful!!


Leo is bright, warm gold glitter.  Leo is pretty too.  I'm not a huge fan of gold, but I like this combo of Leo over nails Inc. Bruton Mews.  The gold and hunter green compliment each other nicely.  I used the same technique as I did with Ophiuchus.. I sprinkled Leo over the second coat of Bruton Mews while still wet, then added top coat.


Scorpio is mostly black glitter with multi-colored sparkle.  I sprinkled Scorpio over Lime Crime Parfait Day in the above three pictures.  I like this combo also.  I love black and pink together!!  The glitter shifted color depending on the light more noticeably with Scorpio.. so pretty!


Aquarius contains deep midnight blue glitter with a purple/turquoise shift.  This combo reminds me of a snowy sky.  I sprinkled Aquarius over Lime Crime Once in a Blue Mousse.  I did notice maybe I should have applied two coats of top coat instead of one because my nails were a little gritty to the touch.  

Saggitarius is magenta-pink glitter with violet/green sparkle shift.  I can see the violet in my pictures, but not the green.  Regardless, I love this glitter!!  It's such a beautiful dark pink!!  I sprinkled Saggitarius over Lime Crime Milky Ways.  The Lime Crime polishes work so well with these glitters!!  This combo reminds me of sprinkles on a cut-out cookie..  I have yummy nails :)

Capricorn is forest green glitter that shifts from blue-green to green-gold depending on the angle.. reminiscent of a June Bug!!  I REALLY like Capricorn too!  I sprinkled it over Barry M Mint Green.  This was amazing in the sun (see first pic of Capricorn).  I wore this combo for a day and received a ton of compliments.  Capricorn is a must-have!!
**There you have it.. Six of the Lime Crime Zodiac Glitters I received to review.  I was skeptical at first because I thought they would be too complicated to use, but I was wrong.  They're so easy to sprinkle on your favorite base color.  There's a million things you could do with these glitters (not just on your nails).  My picks out of the ones I've shared with you are Ophiuchus, Saggitarius, and Capricorn.**
--Lime Crime Zodiac Glitters can be purchased here for $12.99 each--
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  1. How gorgeous!!! I have been very curious about these!

  2. My favorite is Sagittarius, and not just because that's my sign! That color shift is lovely :)


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