Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sneaky Lacquer

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!  Today I have a new indie brand to share with you called Sneaky Lacquer!  I love discovering new indie makers who really knock my socks off and these polishes definitely did!!  Take a look..

"Hibernation. A stunning polish, packed full of holographic turquoise, silver and gorgeous translucent glitters. Looks great in two-three coats, but can be worn in one as a top coat over another polish (great over a black polish). A truly sparkly, delicate nail lacquer."

I was so thankful the sun was shining when I wore Hibernation!  Look at the amazing holo shine!!  I'm really digging the larger translucent hex glitter subtly mixed in with all the smaller holo glitters!  The formula was amazing!  Pictured above is only two coats followed by topcoat.  Hibernation was smooth the touch with only one coat of topcoat-- pretty impressive and so so beautiful!!

Asleep in Poppies:
"Asleep In Poppies. A sheer magenta-red jelly chocked full of red holo hex and yellow glitters, with some red bars to boot."

I was immediately drawn to Asleep in Poppies because I love flowers and poppies are a favorite of mine.  The colors in this polish remind me of the colors of my poppies I have in my flower garden.  I love jelly finishes, this one was a bit sheer, but that's fine because you can see the gorgeous glitter mix.  I love the holo red glitter when you catch it just right in sunlight.  I did "dab" Asleep in Poppies instead of just brushing it on so I could place the glitters easier.  I have two coats of Asleep in Poppies in the above three pics.  Stunning!!

Back of the Bus:
"Back of the Bus. Funky and playful! This white creme base is filled with varying sizes of black, coral, bright neon blues and pinks, and more! Looks great in two coats, or as a single coat over a coat of white polish. Reminiscent of bubblegum, Converse and high school gossip ;)"

Another semi-translucent white creme??  Yes, please!!  I love Back of the Bus!!  It's not really a "crelly."  The formula is just sheer enough to have depth to see the glitter underneath.  The mixtures of colors is really fun, too.."bubblegum, converse, and high school gossip"-- perfect!!  This formula is fabulous too.. I have two coats of Back of the Bus followed by one coat of topcoat in the above three pictures.

--I used the next three polishes as glitter toppers with some of the new Zoya Lovely colors..

Kiwing Me Softly over Zoya Neely:
"Kiwing Me Softly. Look forward to Spring with this fresh, light and colorful mix of pastels and holographic glitters, including light blue diamonds, all in a clear polish base. Dynamic enough to wear on its own in two coats or over your favorite pastel polish!"

Kiwing Me Softly is my least favorite out of the six I'm swatching today, but I still like it.  Maybe had I worn it on it's own, you could see the light blue diamonds a bit better, but the only one I'm seeing now is on my pinkie nail.  I do love the holo pink glitter mixed with the yellow..maybe I'll try this over black next time so the translucent glitters are more visible.  The formula with Kiwing Me Softly was great...I only used one coat over Zoya Neely followed by topcoat.

Player over Zoya Gei Gei:
"Player. Holographic silver glitters, crimson bars and more make this polish a festive choice. Looks great in two coats, but can be worn in one and as a top coat over another polish. A confident lacquer."

Again, I'm really loving the holo-ness of all these polishes!  The small crimson bars are my favorite in Player...  I like this polish over Zoya Gei Gei.  This would be perfect if there were small black hex glitters because I love pink and black together! :) The glitter ratio is perfect with Player.. only one coat was required followed by top coat.

Baddish Girl over Zoya Jacqueline:
"Baddish Girl. My fave of the bunch. This glorious golden polish features various sizes of sparkly and holographic gold glitters, and the burgundy and brown glitters give it delicious depth. Perfect in two coats, or worn over gold polish. 'Nuff said. Be a little bad, but a lot beautiful!"

The combo of glitters in Baddish Girl are something I wouldn't have put together, but I really like how they all came together over Zoya Jacqueline.  I think brown glitter is my new favorite and I'm starting to see it pop up in a few polishes lately.  I like the small burgundy matte glitter that's scattered in Baddish Girl.  The larger gold glitters aren't curling, that's just the reflection in the pics.  Another great formula with Baddish Girl.. I only used one coat followed by topcoat.

**I reallllly like each of the Sneaky Lacquers I swatched today!  My favorite is Back of the Bus, but I really adore the holos also!!  I really have no complaints except I'm not a huge fan of translucent glitter, but that's just my personal preference.  I'm glad I stumbled upon this shop on Etsy!  I'll keep my eyes peeled for more great polishes from Sneaky Lacquer**

--Here are some useful links for Sneaky Lacquer:
    -Purchase Sneaky Lacquer on Etsy here.
    -Follow Sneaky Lacquer on facebook here
    -Follow on Pinterest here
    -Follow on twitter @sneakylacquer

--Polishes in this post were sent for review


  1. These are great glitters!! I especially love Hibernation, Back of the Bus and Kiwing Me Softly.

  2. Do the glitters lay completely flat? They look a little curled in the photo but I know that light can just make it look that way sometimes

    1. Hi Becca-- YES, all the glitter is completely flat. I know with Baddish Girl you can see the "reflective" glitter, but they're all flat. :) Thanks.. Jodi

  3. blue and pink looks fantastic


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