Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GlitterDaze..Sunset in the City Collection

Wow, it's Wednesday already!  It seems like this week is flying by!!  I've had this gorgeous holographic multichrome collection from GlitterDaze called Sunset in the City for a week now and the sun finally decided to shine, so I was able to get some nice shots. I love the concept of this collection..A "picture-perfect" sunset in various cities across the US..

Sunset in the City by GlitterDaze:

**I layered two coats of each of these five polishes over OPI Black Onyx followed by top coat**

Dusky in Dallas:

The holo shine is most prominent in Dusky in Dallas.  It's so gorgeous in the sun!!  The purple, red and orange shift change is noticeably strong and beautiful!!  There's a bit of pink too.. so pretty!!

Afterglow in Aspen:

How amazing is that blue in Afterglow in Aspen??  I love the switch from blue to turquoise with hints of red and purple!  This one almost reminds me of a deep blue ocean instead of a sunset..  I just love Afterglow in Aspen!!

Twilight in Tucson:

Twilight in Tucson is mostly red and pink.  This one didn't shift colors as mush as the others for me, but it's still stunning!  The holo combined with pink & red over a black base is such a "me" combo and I love Twilight in Tucson too!! :)

Sundown in Seattle:

Hold on to your hats, kids because Sundown in Seattle is magnificent!!!  When I read the description of color changes in this, I honestly thought it would be my least favorite because I'm usually not a huge fan of coppers or orange.  Man, was I wrong!!!  Hands down, Sundown in Seattle is my absolute favorite out of these five!!  I didn't want to remove it to swatch the last one lol!!  It shines so brilliantly and it's color changes are just amazing!!  I could go on forever about Sundown in Seattle...  Let's just say it's my favorite holo mutichrome EVER!!! Damn, it's gorgeous!!

Nightfall in New York City:

The blue and purple colors in Nightfall in New York City are cool-toned and more subtle.  I really like this too. :)

**Each of these multichromes are brilliantly blended and I'm amazed how different each one is from the other!!  Each polish from Sunset in the City has a great formula that applies smoothly and evenly.  I'm looking forward to trying these over other bases besides black or dark!!  I'm so in love with Sundown in Seattle--I think everyone should own it!!  :)  Seriously, if you're just going to pick just one, I recommend Sundown for sure!!  These polishes were my first from GlitterDaze.. I must have been living under a rock because I can't believe I didn't snag some before!!  Two thumbs up to each polish from Sunset in the City!!**

Here are some useful links for GlitterDaze:
--Purchase this collection HERE!! ($11.50 for full size and $6.25 for minis)
--Like GlitterDaze on facebook HERE!!
--follow on twitter @glitterdazenp
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Two stockists also carry GlitterDaze: (based in France and ships to most of Europe)  (based in Singapore and ships worldwide except Italy)

--GlitterDaze Polishes were generously sent for review


  1. WOW - gorgeous! I love the concept of the collection and they are all beautiful! I think my favorite is Sundown in Seattle :)

  2. These glitters are so pretty!!!!! Love your swatches!!!!


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