Sunday, October 30, 2011

A "Very Structured" Pedicure....

Time to change my pedi.. I've had Essie's "School of Hard Rocks" on for a very long time.  It held up great, so I decided to use another Essie.  This color is called "Very Structured" and it's perfect for fall.  I usually don't gravitate towards oranges, but thought I'd give this one a chance....I guess I'd describe this color as a burnt orange.

I'm really glad I just put it on my toes because not too many people will see it this time of year.  I like this color, just not on me.  I want warm colors to look nice on me, they just don't.. so I'll just have to live with it. ;)
I did clean-up this pedi... really, I did.  It was hard to clean up.  This formula wasn't as smooth as my other Essies and I used 3 coats because 2 was almost enough, but not quite.  Feet are just nasty in my opinion, but at least we can try to make them as pretty as possible :)
I do like Essie polishes in general.  It seems like I've read a lot of negative comments about Essie lately, but I like this brand.  Granted, they could use a little more shimmers and glitters, but I think Essie is best know for classic creamy colors.

What are your opinions on Essie?  How do you feel about "Very Structured"?

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