Friday, October 14, 2011

SpaRitual... Sacred Ground

SpaRitual is a brand of polish I discovered over the summer while vacationing in the Outer Banks.  My step-daughter, sister-in-law, and I went for a manicure and the spa we visited carried SpaRitual.  I fell in love with this brand immediately!  This is how SpaRitual describes their products on their facebook page:

"SpaRitual is the enlightened choice for professionals and is sold at the finest spas and salons worldwide.  Dedicated to the environment, SpaRitual offers the only vegan, paraben-free, multipurpose systems of spa treatments for body, hand and foot rituals."

SpaRitual polishes are 3 Free.  Today I am wearing Sacred Ground From their "Wilde" 2011 Fall Collection.

This is:
--1 coat zoya anchor base coat
--2 coats Sacred Ground
--1 coat Out the Door topcoat

This gray based polish consists of small gold and silver glitter.  It was easy to work with and applied evenly.  I thought maybe the glitter would make the polish feel gritty when it dried, but it has a wonderfully smooth finish.  This is another unique polish... If I had to compare it with any of my other polishes, I guess it's kinda close to OPI's "Have you seen my Limo" and "My Private Jet."

My picture-taking skills are improving.. yay!!  I like this last pic the most because you can see the red flag reflecting in the polish... It's a flag that is hung on our front porch for my step-son's football team :) (Go Matt.. Let's win tonight!!)

Learn more about SpaRitual here  These polishes retail for $10.

Do you like  Sacred Ground?  What SpaRituals have you tried?  I'm looking forward to buying many many more!!!  Have a great weekend!!


  1. I LOVE this color so much. It was the first sparitual I ever tried, too:] I have howl, which is nice, but I really want shooting star!

  2. I love SpaRitual! I can't wait for their holiday collection!!


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