Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Here is a halloween inspired mani..  another orange??  Orange is like my least favorite color on me, but it's halloween and the name of this polish is "Pumpkin," so it seems appropriate...
This orange is Pumpkin by NYC.  Application was a breeze with this one and really only coat would have worked.  Pictured here is 2 coats.
It's shiny and sheer and THE PERFECT  halloween orange!!  You won't see this on me again til next year, so get a good look ;)
So, I thought I'd jazz it up a bit and add this half moon glitter.  This is one of those cute pumpkin shaped polishes they were selling at Rite Aid.  If you look closely at the label, it says "Blue Cross Beauty Products."  Never heard of them, but I'm assuming they make the cute little snowmen polishes Rite Aid has out now.
I really had to work to get those moons out and... Look at the shrinkage!! As soon as I applied this glitter coat, it ruined my orange base :(  Glad I didn't love the manicure enough to keep it on.

Have a great Halloween Night Everyone... I'm off to stalk Llarowe's site so I can win their Scavenger Hunt and all the great prizes!!!

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  1. I only like orange for Halloween. My Rite Aid didn't get the pumpkin polishes, I like that half moon glitter.Thats a pretty combo!


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