Sunday, October 23, 2011

China Glaze... Let It Snow (part 1)

I pre-ordered China Glaze's "Let it Snow" collection about a month ago.  It finally arrived a few days ago.  Although, I hate winter and the cold temps, and I'm nowhere close to being ready for the holidays, I couldn't wait to get ahold of this collection!  This post will consist of 6 polishes and I will do the other 6 tomorrow.

The first 2 colors I applied are Holly-Day and Winter Berry.  This is 2 coats.  The formula for both of these was nice.  Winter Berry was a tad watery, but not too bad.

Here they are again.  I'm excited about Holly-Day because I don't own too many greens.  Winter Berry, on the other hand will most likely go up for a swap.. I have a ton of berry colors.
Here is Twinkle Lights!! Isn't is pretty?  I had a hard time capturing this glitter in just the right angle. Removal of Twinkle Lights was so easy for a glitter.  This color will be fun to apply on a wide variety of different colors!
Here is Twinkle Lights (one coat) over Holly-Day and Winter Berry--- so pretty and festive!!
The next 2 colors I picked to swatch are Velvet Bow and Poinsettia.  Velvet Bow could have used another coat.  Pictured here is 2 coats of each, but Velvet Bow is really sheer.
Here they are again from a different angle.  Poinsettia is a gorgeous classic red!  I will definitely be using this one a lot around the holidays!
Here is Snow Globe!!!  I LOVE this glitter.  It does look just like a snow globe in the bottle, but on the finger you can see it's a bunch of fun pastel glitters!!
Here is Snow Glob over Velvet Bow and Poinsettia.  I'm loving it over Poinsettia.  This glitter, in my opinion, will look best on lighter colors, so you can see the different pastel glitters!!

These were fun to swatch!  The next 6 colors from this collection are either glitters or shimmers and I will try to post them tomorrow!

Do you have a favorite Holiday Collection yet?  This one is gorgeous! :)


  1. i can't wait to get Twinkle Lights and Snow Globe! Thanks for featuring them! :)

  2. They all look nice. I'm a sucker for Fall and Holiday collex


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