Friday, October 21, 2011

butter LONDON... Saucy Jack

Hey Everyone... I had to remove that Chocolate Candy Mani and I was in the mood for red, so I picked Saucy Jack from butter LONDON.  I ordered this color along with Queen Vic when Ulta had that BOGO free day about a month ago.  I stayed up til midnight the day before the sale thinking it would start then, but no such luck. I think I woke up around 7-8am and the sale had just started online.  I know they sold out fast, so I got lucky.

This mani consists of:
-zoya anchor basecoat
-3 coats Saucy Jack
-Essie Good to Go! topcoat

OK, so the only other butter LONDON I've tried was Primrose Hill Picnic... which I absolutely loved!!  I had high hopes for today's mani.  I pleased with the final result, but application was a PITA!!!  This formula was too runny for me and way to sheer.  It's not a jelly... it was just..... well.. messy.  I really had to touch this one up A LOT.  I also have a feeling this one is going to stain.  (Hope I'm wrong)
sorry for the finger prints
I'm a bit disappointed in this formula because these polishes cost so much.  At $14 each, you'd almost expect them to apply themselves. :)  I do like the results and I will keep this mani for the weekend.  Hopefully it holds up well.

Do you own any butter LONDONS?  Which is your favorite?  Are they worth $14?

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