Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chocolate Candy Mani... (well, kinda)

I had a perfect picture in my brain of how I wanted this mani to turn out.  It really doesn't look much like the picture :(..  I love doing candy manis.. I think they're so neat.  Some people may call this a "jelly sandwich", but I didn't use a jelly on the bottom AND on the the top.. therefore, it's a candy mani..

This mani was done with:

1 coat OPI- You Don't Know Jaques!
1 coat OPI- Crown Me Already!
1 coat Sonia Kashuk- Chocoholic

I'm smacking myself upside the head because I should have used OPI- Suzi Loves Cowboys as the jelly topcoat!  Ah!  I forgot I had it.  I just got Chocoholic in a swap and it seems like a jelly, but it's just a bit too thick to use in a candy mani/jelly sandwich.
I like the color.. the glitter just doesn't shine through the way I pictured!  Darn!  Oh well, it's kinda pretty.  I'll know better next time.

This is my new favorite cuticle oil.  It's by SpaRitual and you brush the oil right on your nail/cuticle, then gently push back your cuticle with the angle sponge cap.  It smells good, too!!

Tell me about your Candy Manis.   What combo did you use?  Also, I want more jellies. Which are your favorite? :)


  1. Yea you can't really see the glitter but it's definitely cooler than just brown. How much is that oil? I'm looking for an easy to apply one.

  2. i really love the idea behind this! i'm going to have to get some jelly polishes and give this a try!

  3. Let me know if you find a good combo


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