Thursday, October 27, 2011

China Glaze... Mummy May I

Hi Again!!  I almost forgot I had this 4-pack of Halloween Polishes from China Glaze.  It contains: Mummy May I, Ick-A-Bod-y, Zombie Zest and Fast Forward Top Coat.  Today, I only had time to swatch one.  Mummy May I was my choice.  Let's take a look:
Mummy May I is pink and purple glitter in a deep purple jelly base.  Purple and pinks always catch my eye, so this is my favorite out of these Halloween Colors from last year.
You have to catch this color in the right light to see all the sparkle.  I applied 3 coats as it's very thin.  I really could have used another coat because you can still see some streaks in bright light or with flash.
with flash
In this last picture with a flash you can see I could have used another coat.  I've really been in to China Glaze lately.  I just swatched the Let it Snow Collection and was really surprised how much I like just about every color.  I will try to swatch the remaining 3 Halloween colors tomorrow.

AHHHH... I almost have 50 followers!  AND.... the prizes I ordered for my giveaway came today!  Can't wait to get that up and running.  I wasn't sure how I'd do as a blogger, but I'm really enjoying it!  Thanks for following!! :)


  1. omg love this color! hey where'd you get the opi obsessed pic?

  2. I love this color, I swatched it the other day too, unfortunately my camera hated my pics so I have to redo them!

    Looks great on you! :)


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