Tuesday, August 28, 2012

::whimsical ideas by pam:: Sweet Baby James & Flower Child

Hey Everyone!  Hope your Tuesday is going well.  I know I've been on a major "indie kick," but I just can't help it... I'm in love with so many of these handmade beauties.  These two by ::whimsical ideas by pam:: are no exception.  Pam recently released six new polishes and the two I'm sharing with you today were the first to catch my eye..  Sweet Baby James and Flower Child.

Sweet Baby James:

Sweet Baby James has a light blue milky base packed with medium pink matte squares, small matte blue squares and small matte white glitters.  You HAVE to dab this polish on as it's really thick, but you'll need almost three coats as the base is so sheer that you'll have "bald spots."  After three coats of dabbing, a coat of Gelous and a fast-dry topcoat, Sweet Baby James is so pretty.  The name of this polish comes from an old James Taylor song which I absolutely love!  The formula could have been a bit more smooth with Sweet Baby James (I added some thinner after the second application), but all-in-all I like this one. :)

Flower Child:

OK, you can add Flower Child to my "favorites list."  Everything about this one is incredible!!  I have two coats of Flower Child followed by a fast-dry topcoat in the pictures above.  I love the simplicity of this one and the formula is amazing also!!  Flower Child's base is a bit more opaque than Sweet Baby James.  Flower Child has a periwinkle base with different sizes of shimmery pink glitter.  The formula dries so smooth with Flower Child, I almost didn't apply a topcoat.  And... I swear this one even smells like flowers, but Pam says it's not supposed to lol.  I'll be wearing Flower Child for a while. :)

**You can see all of Pam's polishes on ::whimsical ideas by pam's:: facebook page.  To order some of Pam's "whimsies", you email her at pea422000@yahoo.com, give her your order and she'll email you back with an invoice from paypal.**

** Do you have any whimsies??  Which are your faves??**


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