Monday, August 27, 2012

Aphrodite Lacquers.. Friday Night Glitter Bombs

Happy Monday Everyone!!  I have four polishes from Aphrodite Lacquers' "Friday Night Glitter Bombs" to share with you today. I used each polish as a glitter topper. I applied two coats of each  followed by a fast-dry topcoat on different colored bases. On to the swatches..

Aphrodite Lacquers Pre Party:

I have Pre Party layered over Essie Good As Gold in the above pictures.  Square glitter is my new favorite, so I really like Pre Party.  Pre Party has a very very sheer pink base with with gold/pink color changing shimmer and black micro glitter and pink, black, and white square glitter.  I love this one layered over gold!!  I had no issues with application.

Aphrodite Lacquers Peacock Earrings:
direct sunlight

I think Peacock Earrings is my favorite of the four I'm sharing with you today.  I have it layered over ManGlaze Lesbi-honest.  Peacock Earrings had a clear base with holo shimmer and small blue and purple holo glitter.  This one is gorgeous in the sunlight!!  I love the contrast of the tiny blue holo glitter against Lesbi-honest.  The black and white square glitter seems to be Aphrodite's signature finish which I love!!  No issues with application with Peacock Earrings.  LOVE this one!!

Aphrodite Lacquers VIP Room:

VIP Room is almost a one-coater.  It's sooo pretty!  The above pictures remind me of  a million ice cubes floating in the deep blue sea.  :)  I have VIP Room layered over Revlon Royal in the above pictures.  Ha.. I just read on facebook this polish reminds Rebecca at Aphrodite Lacquers of an ice burg!!  Ice burg/Ice cubes... either way, it's gorgeous.  And, this one could be so versatile depending what color you choose to layer it over.  VIP Room has a sheer aqua base with aqua shimmer and glitter, and iridescent squares... PERFECTION!

Aphrodite Lacquers Disco Ball:

Disco Ball has a sheer base with silver shimmer, black micro glitter and black, white and silver squares.  Pictured above is two coats over Color Club Hydrangea Kiss.  I probably should have used three coats.  I did have to dig a little to get the larger glitter to grab on to the brush.  I thought the silver glitter was curling a bit, but it's just the reflection... everything is smooth after a topcoat.  I like Disco Ball, it just isn't as "fun" as the others.

** Rebecca at Aphrodite really comes up with some funny themes.. you should check out some of the other names in this collection:  Catfight, Gossip, Velvet Rope etc..  One word to describe these four is "FUN".  Fun polishes with quality formula... what else could you ask for??**

--You can purchase these four and the rest of the Friday Night Glitter Bombs here on Etsy
--Be sure to like Aphrodite Lacquers on facebook here and follow Aphrodite Lacquers on twitter @AphroditeLacque

--Aphrodite Lacquers were sent to me for review


  1. I am so jealous! I just wanna visit and raid your polishes!!

  2. Love these! I'm such a sucker for square glitter these days!


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