Friday, August 24, 2012

Naild' It Summer Lovin' Collection

Happy Friday Everyone!!  I have a fun collection from Naild' It on Etsy to share with you today.  It's the "Summer Lovin' Collection" and contains three really fun glitters!!

Naild' It SUN-flower Seeds:

SUN-Flower Seeds is pure perfection!!  This glitter totally reminds me of a sunflower, which is my favorite flower!!  I have two coats of SUN-Flower Seeds over OPI Gargantuan Green Grape followed by a Fast-Dry Topcoat.  SUN-Flower Seeds contains black, orange, yellow and green glitters in a clear base. (I love the scattered large round black glitter).  I also love the micro glitter that looks like sugar sprinkles!!  Love, love, love this one!!  :)

Naild' It WATER:

WATER is fun too. The label is all jacked up because each of these polishes arrived with dried up polish all over the rim so I had to run this one under hot water because I couldn't open it :(  After I finally got it open and cleaned off the rim, the polish itself was fine and I had no issues with application.  I have two coats of WATER over China Glaze Sweet Hook followed by a Fast-Dry topcoat.  WATER contains a mix of glitters in greens, blues, purples and white in a clear base.  This one is my least favorite of the three, but I still like it.

Naild' It MELON:

MELON is so much fun too!!  I really like the combo I chose-- I layered two coats of MELON over OPI Thanks A Windmillion. (Sidenote:  Thanks A Windmillion stained the crap out of my nails-- it was horrible!!).  MELON totally reminds me of watermelon... Naild' It really hit the nail on the head when creating this one!!  MELON contains pinks, greens, white and black glitter in a clear base.  I love the random larger black squares and hearts and white bars in MELON!!  I ALMOST love this one as much as SUN-Flower Seeds.. almost.  :)

--Naild' It Polishes are available on Etsy here.  The only one I see available currently from this collection is MELON

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


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