Monday, August 13, 2012

Sally Hansen PEDICURE Salon Effects Toe-riffic!

THINK: Pedicure effects.

WHAT IT IS: Sally Hansen gave you Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips for your fingers. Now we are introducing a limited collection for your toes! Featuring 5 new shades for your feet, this exclusive collection of Salon Effects is shaped perfectly for your toes. These are not stickers, have no dry time and remove with nail polish remover. Just peel, apply and file!

AVAILABLE SHADES: Snake, Rattle and Roll, Toe-riffic!, Puppytooth, Strke a Posie and Pink Boa

WHAT IT COSTS: $9.99 each

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Sally Hansen products are available at chain drug stores, food stores and mass merchandisers nationally.

Happy Monday Everyone!  Today I have a little something different when it comes to pedicures..  Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects...

--Warning!!  Feet Pictures below...  Stop here if feet gross you out!!  LOL--

Man, it's really difficult to snap a decent picture of your feet!!  This was my first time trying any type of nail strip and they were pretty easy to apply and wear-time was awesome.  I had these on for a week and could have worn them longer, but I was ready for a pedi-change.  The name of the design I tried was "Toe-riffic" and it's such a fun pattern.  You just have to find the correct size strip for each toe, peel the backing , line it up, press it on and file off the extra. 
 A couple pointers-- 
A)  Make sure your toenails aren't cut too short because you need a little length to file off the extra strip.  (I always cut my toenails really short, so I'm glad I paid attention to the directions and didn't cut them really short before application)
 B)- Start with your little toes first.  I started with my big toes and kinda messed up my right one.  Once you get the hang of application, it's easy, so I should have started with my little toe so my mistake wouldn't have been so noticeable.

I really like these Pedicure Effects..  they were fun, easy, and summery!!  :)

--These were sent to me for review


  1. These look great! I know my mom has had success with the finger version on her toes so it's nice to see a company being so quick to put this out. And your "footsies in the flowers" is a great photo, did anyone catch you trying to snap that pic?

    1. LOL-- I think my husband caught me with my foot in the flower pot, but he's used to me snapping pics in odd places ;)


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